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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Cult of Climate

A few years ago a boffin passing himself off as a scientist, well he did attend courses and was matriculated a few times so technically is a scientist, by the name of Mann rolled out a noteworthy graph.  It even got put into the IPCC report on climate change.  What a wonderful graph it was for it was the one true sign that Man was causing the globe's temperatures to rise. It was called the Hockey Stick.

When other scientists clamored and did beseech of Dr. Mann to release his data and models so they could replicate what he had discovered, a most curious thing happen, Dr. Mann locked the data up and refused to share.  Which caused much vexation and litigation until the sacred instruments of divination were pried from Dr. Mann's jealous grasp.

And like peering under the flooring where the Pythia held audience in Delphi, a most curious thing or two emerged from the liberated instruments that birthed the Hockey Stick.  Namely that any data fed into Dr. Mann's wondrous algorithms always produced the famous Hockey Stick.  Another disquieting fact that snuck out was how tiny the crucial data set was that built the House of the Hockey Stick, no more than a dozen trees in one tiny spot of Siberia it was revealed.

But unlike a true scientist welcoming other scientists ' papers that showed his original premise was terribly flawed, Dr. Mann has acted more like an Inquisitor being questioned on matters of faith by Copernicus.   He has roundly and volubly denounced all who have proven the errors of his beloved Hockey Stick in terms that would have endeared him to Torquemada whilst causing a minor daemon or two to blush.  He attacks not their scientific work but their lack of faith in Climate Change.  He carelessly tosses out the word 'denier' and threatens punitive actions against those he labels such.

For you see dear reader in truth Mann is not a scientist but a high priest of a false religion.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Move to Shrangri-La

Ladies and gentlemen of the most sensitive nature, that is the only useful advice that I can give you.  That you should move to Shangri-La and enjoy the meditative peace found in that far distant destination.  As opposed to where you now find yourself living since it seems to be such a tribulation. 

Fleeing things like high taxes or inferior schools you moved away from the local city center to a more rustic area.  So you settled for a nice house in a suburb that was was just a few miles and to the left of the runways of your local airport.  Now it is a few years later, you and your neighbors have happily settled in and done improvements.  But there is a fly in your ointment.  Those dratted planes taking off at all hours of the day and well into the night.  Oh how will that Dutch china given by an aunt survive all the rattling?  Never mind your cute little pug named Fifi who goes into spasms with every aviation related noise.  So you hit upon a brilliant idea, complain to the city and airport management!  By Jove that is what you will do. 

By now you, dear brave home owner, have forgotten it was you who had move near the airport, not vice-versa.  Now you scream in city council meetings and meetings of the airport board on how the noise of take offs and landings damage your house and ruin your sleep.  You will thunder at one point in these proceedings on how its un-American to be subjected to these noises.

The long serving members of the airport management will silently turn to each other while you thunder from the podium and trade knowing glances.  The glance will communicate that not much has changed in fifteen years when farmer Jones was saying the same things about jet noises making his chickens laid funny eggs and then farmer Bjorn will immediately follow and claim those noises are ruining his cows' milk.  Next they will each think in the deepest recesses of their minds 'You stupid fool you chose to move next to an airport. But now here we go placating you for your stupidity.  And then get with the FAA to devise noise abatement plans that will cost money.  Money taken from your taxes bud and airport fees.  Just to keep you happy in your McMansion.'  But none of this will be visible for they will have their poker faces on.  And once you have run out of steam they will thank you politely for letting them know how you feel and adjourn the meeting.

Variations of the above always run through my mind when someone complains about noise from their local airport.  What has caused me to wax to long and eloquently this time concerns the plane in the picture at the top of the post, the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter.  Burlington, VT is the home of the Vermont Air Guard's 158th FW which is an F-16 unit and is now trying to be one of the first units to get F-35s.  Sounds grand except for those who complain the F-35 is far louder than the F-16.  Leading the fight it seems is Rosanne Greco who is the South Burlington City Council President.  She is most concerned because the noise from the F-35s will be akin to a vacuum cleaner running three feet away, that seems unacceptable to her.  So she is leading the opposition.  For a 29 year Air Force intelligence officer she does realize how quickly jet noise transits?  Or does she?  A more detailed biography of Greco can be found here.  Failed novice nun, retired officer, and now environmental activist.  I think I know her true motivation now.  And if she gets her way and no F-35s are assigned soon there will be no F-16s either and when that unit shuts down many nice paying technical jobs will go with it.  Which will have a negative impact on the tax base.  But if you ask Greco about that impact she will probably say that is fine with her as long as she turns Burlington into her personal Shangri-La.

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

1992 Electric Car

Jack Jurden. Wilmington News Sentinel 1992. Best Editorial Cartoons of the Year 1993 Edition
The 1992 Volt, same as the 2012 Volt.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Another Broken Promise

Remember just a few short years ago when Barack Obama promised on June 4, 2008 that "This was the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and the earth began to heal."  Fast forward to now.

It seems Mother Earth did not get the message to stop raising the level of the seas.  That is what US News and MSNBC are reporting in this bit of doggerel they call news.  They call it an invisible tsunami threatening to engulf low lying coastal areas of the United States.

Excuse me?  An invisible tsunami?  And all you claim is a rise in ocean levels of 8 inches since 1880.  So in 132 years it has risen 8 inches or 0.06 inches per year.  Build the Ark now!  Panic!  Throw money our way so we can save the planet!

Except why panic?  If you look at the graphs from these Australian boffins we are merely reaching a previous historical high.  In the past 140,000 years there has been a sea level variation of 140 meters or almost 460 feet.  And there have been other periods of sharp rise and decline.

A great city dating back about 9,500 years ago has been discovered in India in 120 feet of water.  This city could rewrite the history books on the rise of human civilization.  South of Haifa Isreal lies the village of Atlit.  Some 1400 feet from that village and at the depth of 40 feet lies the remains of an 8,000 year old Neolithic village.  Moving forward in time we find the sunken English town of Dunwich.  This town was conquered by the relentless assault of the North Sea and was abandoned by 1750AD.

What could these three sites teach modern man one may ask?  One lesson is humans will adapt, survive, and flourish as their environment changes.  The second lesson is that the global environment is dynamic and will remain dynamic until the planet dies.  The final lesson should be obvious, all three sites suffered climate change before the advent of modern civilization which in turn calls into serious question the claims of all the doomsayers who want us to send them money to save us from a phenomena that is natural and well nigh impossible for humans to stem.

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Kennedy Blarney

The most dysfunctional family in the United States continues to garner media coverage.  How dysfunctional you may ask?  Psychology Today put together a list of the top seven Kennedy sex scandals.  Go read them, it is shocking.  Then there was Ted Kennedy trying to collaborate with the USSR to destroy Ronald Reagan. But old Ted can justly claim he was just following in the family tradition, his father Joesph Kennedy Sr was a real piece of work in his rampant hatred of the Jews and love of German National Socialism.  Kennedy, after fleeing London as the Blitz petered out, was sacked by Roosevelt and replaced as Ambassador to the Court of St. James by John Winant.

That the Kennedy family continues to garner media coverage and thought to be representative of America can only be ascribed to the pushing of a false narrative.  It is a bundled package of smaller lies that hide behind the tragic assassination of John F. Kennedy in Dallas, TX in 1963.  To point out all the failings and outright crimes of the Kennedy family is to endure the ceaseless tirade of being unfair to the slain President.  As in do you have no decency?  History cares not for decency when it records a leader's achievements and failures, Kennedy's greatest failure at the Bay of Pigs lead directly to the Cuban Missile Crisis because the USSR read Kennedy as weak after that failed invasion.  That is why the world almost vanished under multiple mushroom clouds.  Daley Plaza can't cover that up.

So where am I going with this recitation of the Kennedy family crimes?  Just the latest lambasting from the Kennedy Holier Than Thou pulpit.  Robert Kennedy Jr, being a Kennedy, is no stranger to the spotlight.  Oddly three days after filing divorce papers on his second wife, she was arrested on a DUI.  He campaigned for Rep. Dennis Kucinich in that man's losing primary run, Kucinich lost to fellow Democrat Mary Kaptur and he was not graceful in his concession speech.  Kennedy has also harangued about the danger of mercury in vaccines causing Autism.  Notice how many corrections are at the end of the article, including a gross inflation of a percentage.  For a less strident discussion, the FDA has a good precis including an incident in Australia in 1928 that gave rise to requiring a preservative in vaccines, out of 21 inoculated 12 died.

Now that I have established Robert Kennedy Jr's questionable track record in the public and private square that shows he lives in a large glass house, here is his latest cheap shot of record.  Because Sen. Infoe is a skeptic and critic of man-made global warming, Robert Kennedy Tweeted a comment that would get Imus suspended and Carbonite to quit Rush.  He called Sen. Infoe a prostitute in the employ of the oil companies.  That is really discussing the heart of the matter there Robert, smear your opponent.  Did you call Joseph P. Kennedy II a dictator's prostitute when he got cheap heating oil from Hugo Chavez of Venezuela?  I bet you didn't. 

Friday, March 02, 2012

Low Volt-age

Here is some interesting news.  General Motors will be temporarily shutting down the production line that builds their flagship hybrid the Volt.  1,300 workers will be laid off until April 23rd.

What could cause GM to take this drastic action?  What indeed.

Sales are not where all the company paid prognosticators predicted.  Sales total only half of what was forecast for the Volt.  Even with the $7,000 of incentives.  These cars are not moving off the dealer lots fast enough.

So what is causing the reluctance?  Try a very disconcerting design defect.

It seems there has been a rash of Volt battery fires.  Instead of admitting there is a problem and fixing it, GM has hit upon another explanation.  It is the media's fault for reporting those battery fires that is forcing GM to lay these workers off until the excess Volt inventory is reduced.  I wonder if that tactic was tried to save the Corvair when Ralph Nader killed that poor car?

Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday 2011

Since this is Black Friday when screaming hoards of bargain shoppers have besieged major retailers since the wee hours of the morning, I decided to be a bit green and lessen the traffic gridlock while tackling the very smelly issue of Occupiers and their bodily wastes. So now on CafePress at the Sufa Shop is the above bumper sticker. Can buy 1, 10, or even 50 of them. And can even order them with a clear background, which will be better for the rear window of a protestor's SmartCar or Volt. {the previous sentence is defined as humor, please be responsible with the bumper stickers.} Just buy one please. Thank you.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Masque of Zuccotti

A grim milestone has been reached in the various Occupy tent cities. In the months they have existed, at least seven people have died so far.

How much longer must the impending health disaster called the Occupy movement continue? Yesterday I alluded to the TB outbreak in Atlanta, Mut on her blog notes the strain of TB is highly drug resistant. Which means the longer the protesters huddle in their clump of tents in poor weather the greater the number of casualties. The irony is the Center for Disease Control is headquartered in Atlanta, GA, the organization that will be tasked to contain and cure the outbreak. CDC has been reporting, as of 2010, an overall decline in TB cases in the United States to include fatalities, I wonder how long that trend will last if TB spreads from beyond the protesters' encampment?

Zuccotti Park in New York City is facing a far more insidious disease than the current Zuccotti Lung- Norovirus. Zuccotti is not the best place to live now, with Norovirus it will be far worse as the protesters will suffer vomiting, stomach pain, and diarrhea. People will be spreading the misery around since a person with Norovirus is infectious from the moment they contract it to as long as two weeks after the symptoms have passed. And it spreads quickly in closed environments like nursing homes and cruise ships.

“Pretty much everything here is a good way to get sick,” said Salvatore Cipolla, 23, from Long Island. “It’ll definitely thin the herd.”

I wonder if Salvatore Cipolla will be so blase and sanguine when he becomes just another statistic hacking his lungs onto the sidewalk or into the shrubs? This New York Times article is not painting a pretty picture of the protest folks. People just throwing their trash anywhere is indicative of the mindset of so many protesters, once something has stopped satisfying their immediate need they discard it without a thought to consequences. Read the whole article, its appalling what is going on in that park.

The following fact I am breaking out into a separate paragraph because it needs to be highlighted to show how skewed the priorities of the Occupy Wall Street crowd are. The OWS command tent has electricity or how else could the world watch their Livestream broadcast. Their generators are even run on bio-diesel to calm their qualms of mistreating Gaia. But the above New York Times article says the OWS medical tent has NO electricity so doctors and nurses strap flashlights to their foreheads.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

OWS Idiots

Well last night and this morning I tried to pay attention to what the Occupy Wall Street crowd were doing. They have a Livestream with video and chat. It was educational, but probably not in the way the people doing it would like.

Lets see one of the people they interviewed last night said, "Hi my name is Henry. I am from Mobile, AL. I quit school and I quit my job to be here." One word for this guy - IDIOT!

Their idea of 'public' safety is something to behold. The one 'security' person who was clad in The North Face jacket they talked to spoke of de-escalation. Also last night they had someone try to take stuff and the concern of one commentator was not the theft itself.

They also had a playlist. The Beatles Revolution was played but the lyrics about 'count me out' I did not hear. Odd. Next song was California Dreamin. Then they switched to something modern and well all that song sounded like was a depressed stoner.

The height of their debating skills boiled down to calling each other denigrating or derogatory names. What egalitarianism and erudition they displayed in this discourse.

Finally lets talk the use and mis-use of technology that was on display.

They assured their followers they had plenty of power and they were running on bio-diesel. Ah it must be good for them to pat their ego for using bio-diesel to save Gaia as they use their Made in China Mac laptops to protest with.

Their live video feed was amusing. It worked most of the time. But other times it would just drop out and see nothing. At one point they put up a banner saying 'obviously not live.' Another point the live video had odd sound effects, sounded like the protesters were talking to their alien overlords because it seems they had cross-talk interference. Their dismounting of the livestream camera took about ten minutes of discussion and then the camera guy had to tote the Mac laptop it was connected to so the video would go online.

After just about an hour of experiencing this I came to one conclusion. Count me out since all of you seem to be idiots.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Another Victim of Settled Science

It is sad to report that the cult of man-made climate change has claimed another victim. Dr. Ivar Giaever, winner of the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1973, has tendered his resignation to the American Physical Society because they have adopted the position that the evidence of man caused temperature rise is 'incontrovertible.'

One hundred years ago in the field of astronomy the belief was all the violence evidenced on Earth's own Moon was long in the past. That something like the Music of the Spheres prevailed. Then our probes to other planets showed the violence was not limited to the past. And the final proof that violence still existed in the solar system was when the fragments of the Comet Shoemaker-Levy smashed into Jupiter and we observed it almost in real time with the Hubble Space Telescope.

Percival Lowell captivated many people with his observations of Mars. The fascination was with the canali or canals he saw in his telescope that prompted speculation of life being on Mars. And spawned many a science fiction story. Then our probes like Mariner and Viking showed how dead Mars is. Mars might have had life but it was millions of years in the past.

Forty years ago the concept of a meteor smashing into the Earth and wiping out the dinosaurs 65 million years ago was thought a far fetched idea and was scoffed at in scientific circles. Then Dr. Richard Alvarez [ whoops should be Dr. Luis Alvarez] went and found worldwide a rare earth element Iridium at the boundary marking the extinction of dinosaurs. And then the actual impact crater was discovered at the tip of the Yucatan Peninsula. Now the argument is how much of an impact did that meteor have? Was it an outright kill or was just the final push of the dinosaurs to extinction.

We all grew up on the idea that all dinosaurs were cold-blooded reptiles. And all the cheesy movies with dinosaurs reinforced this notion. Due to the work of scientists like Dr. Robert Bakker that view has been tossed out. There is evidence now to suggest at least some dinosaurs were warm-blooded.

These are just four examples of 'incontrovertible settled science' being overturned by new discoveries and data. So for such an august scientific body as the American Physical Society to say man-made climate warming is incontrovertible is to fly in the face of traditional scientific inquiry and the quest for the truth. Those who say the science is settled are in fact anathema to the scientific method. For various reasons they have closed their minds to any other possible answer. They are akin to the Holy See and its treatment of Galileo and Copernicus by these actions. How else to explain their brutal attempts to ostracize anyone who disagrees with them? In fact when they call such skeptics 'deniers' they are venturing into an even more troublesome arena, that of the KGB calling dissenters mentally unstable and using medication to 'adjust' them. What a brave new world we are in.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Economic Monkeywrench

Democratic candidate Obama promised energy prices would rise when he stumped to become president. It seems he is delivering on that promise, one campaign promise kept.

Since Obama has entered office, the price of a gallon of gas has risen by more than $1. The explosion last year of the British Petroleum rig in the Gulf of Mexico that killed 11 seems to have presented the President and his advisors an opportunity. Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar has imposed a moratorium on oil exploration in the Gulf of Mexico, even though a federal judge has ruled Salazar overstepped himself. As a result of all this tug of war generated uncertainty, the number of operating rigs has dropped with devestating economic consequences to states already reeling from the BP oil spill. When Sen. Vitter[R-LA] requested how many leases have been issued, he received two different answers. The Department of Justice, in another display of dishonesty - Fast&Furious, quoted a high number of leases but when Sen. Vitter got Salazar before him in sworn testimony the number was far lower.

Far to the north, our Canadian friends and ally in Afghanistan is offering to sell us oil. Yes it is oil developed from tar sands and needs to be processed, but its oil that does not need to be shipped from repressive countries like Venezuela and Saudi Arabia. Help our neighbor to the north seems to make more sense than funding Chavez's quest to conquer South America or the House of Saud keeping women repressed. But it seems some in the US do not want this oil because, get this, the process to extract oil releases more carbon dioxide. It seems the New York Times would prefer Canada to sell that oil to the Peoples Republic of China, those paragons of air pollution and political oppression, instead of allowing it in the United States. All because of extra carbon dioxide that I am sure the forests of Canada would love to turn into oxygen while growing bigger. The second reason the New York Times trots out, fear of oil spills, is equally ludicrous since the Trans-Alaska pipeline in its decades of production has suffered few spills and one of those due to a hunter shooting the pipeline. In fact the oil pipeline has become a microclime that is warmer than surrounding areas and hence wildlife has flourished.

I never thought I would say this, but bring back Jimmy Carter. At least he was for making the United States energy independent when he was President. That included developing the abundant supply of oil shale found in Ken Salazar's old stomping grounds of Colorado. Though Salazar and environmentalists are trying to prevent oil shale from being commercially viable. Do I want to know what they think a fair royalty rate is? Probably so high it renders oil shale non-viable even after adjsuting for inflation. Imagine that.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Not Easy Being Green

Hat-Tip to Kate at Small Dead Animals for this link and the above image. Solar panels in Germany with weeds growing through the panels. Yep green energy is the wave of the future. To extinction perhaps and most certainly higher electricity prices.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Global Doomage

In case anyone missed NASCAR recently, then you might have missed them testing E15 fuel. That's right, government mandated bio-fuel is going up from 10% to 15%. Which means even more corn will be turned into ethanol and mixed with gasoline to power vehicles. As a result engines have to be tinkered with to compensate for the loss of energy due to the increase in ethanol content.

Meanwhile the likes of World Bank President Robert Zoellick are warning on the rise of food prices globally. Ever since the concerted push for green energy, the price of things like tortillas has done up - need corn to make them. Cost of meat has also gone up - corn is used to feed cattle. Supply and demand should hold here; but when a national government artificially distorts a market to push dubious goals via monetary bribes, the supply will follow the greatest profit which in this case is government green subsidies. Since the United States exports so much food, this distortion causes global ripples. Which means poor people in places like Egypt become even more impoverished because their limited money has to pay for food who's price has zoomed up. As more money is spent on food, there is less for other things which means other sectors of the economy will starve of cash flow. Which means such dreaded things as recession and rebellion can happen. All because of misguided government meddling based on dubious science. If you want a recipe for a new Bastille Day, this is it.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Late Great CO2 Scam

News flash! Carbon Dioxide is the thermostat control knob for the Earth's climate. So sayeth NASA's GISS scientists Andrew Lacis and Gavin Schmidt. How do they know? Why computer models of course of the most cunning simplicity.

The nub of all who believe CO2 causes global warming can be found in this one sentence in the NASA press release: The study ties in to the geologic record in which carbon dioxide levels have oscillated between approximately 180 parts per million during ice ages, and about 280 parts per million during warmer interglacial periods.

Except there is one problem with this. From established geological data in this graph, our current era has the second lowest concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere. For a comparison, lets look at the Ordovician era where CO2 concentrations was approximately 4,500 ppm yet the Earth's temperature plummeted. Of course one reason why the temperature plummeted was when Gondwana passed over the Arctic, that would seriously chill things out. Extenuating factors can play merry hades with a theory, just like the current shortfall in solar output is doing to the current global temperature.

Or from more recent times from the Vostok ice cores in Antarctica comes this bit of information. It seems variations in temperature for deglaciation are either in phase or lag by approximately 1000 years any change in CO2 concentrations. So current hard data can be considered equivocal to supporting CO2 as being the control knob for temperature change.

So reality or actual data seems to refute the Lacis and Schmidt computer model. And until the computer models can track with actual data, place this report with the guys from Mythbusters.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Is Time Running Out?

Judging by the forcasted path of Tropical Depression One, not yet. But Deepwater Horizon needs to be capped before time runs out. I don't think anyone really wants to find out how far inland a hurricane can sweep tar-balls ashore or if there is enough oil floating on the water that it will interrupt the heat pump of warm water that powers such a storm.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

This Talk of War

For a man who promised to break out of the Bush view of the world, it seems Obama has had a change of heart. Well not really. All he is talking about is battling the oil spill as it invades the US coastline. Our president will ascribe human motives and capabilities to an inanimate object - oil. But he will not use the same terms where they belong, out on the battlefield of Iraq and Afghanistan. Or even closer to home, in the United States itself. An Army deserter and female companion try to gain access to MacDill AFB, which is CENTCOM HQ, and we have a Ft. Gordon another person gained access to the post armed with things like flash bang grenades.

Luckily we have brave Horatius still guarding the bridge or in this case the guard shack at two bases on American soil. In both cases the people were stopped before they could do any harm, unlike the Ft. Hood massacre by Nidal Hassan. Or the harm of another type a Specialist named Manning has inflicted upon the United States and its efforts to stem global terrorism, which the Obama administration now calls man-caused disasters.

I truly wish the Obama administration would focus with laser like precision on each task like stopping the oil leak in the gulf of Mexico. Instead Okaloosa has voted to defend its beaches and ignore the Fedearl dictats. It was another verbal mistake for Obama to invoke Kennedy's man on the moon vision when Johnson Space Center in Houston, Michoud outside New Orleans, Stennis in Mississippi, and Kennedy Space Center are facing the loss of thousands of high tech jobs because Obama cut Orion and Constellation. Now these states are seeing even more job losses and environmental destruction because Emperor Obama has been too busy golfing and dancing. Though have no fear, Obama has nominated a new Czar to deal with the oil spill and tossed the whole fiasco onto the desk of Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus.

Instead we saw last night a true leadership failure as Obama ignored the current problem in order to push his cherished delusion of enacting climate control legislation disguised as green energy independence. So the only thing this laser 'precision' has seemingly punctured is Obama's credibility. Shooting onself in the foot, even in a political sense, is a painful thing. For the Left who put Obama on a pedestal and gave him a platinum halo, it must truly hurt to realize their cherished 'god' doth bleed.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

A Mixed Message?

Today is Earth Day. A day the technology luddites will call upon us to turn away from the trappings of modern civilisation. To give up our cars, to recycle our bottles, and reduce our negative impact upon this planet. Some of these people even view the human race in toto to be a disease infecting Gaia that must be treated.

So I find it strange that one of the greatest paens to being green, or in this case blue, is being released today. James Cameron's technological remastering of Fern Gully meets Dances with Wolves is being released on Blu-Ray today. The movie is called Avatar. So on a day we are supposed to respect this planet, Cameron is crassly peddling his consumer driven movie that extoles humanity as recklessly greedy.

So lets think on that shall we? It is called hypocrisy I think. While Cameron and others like him call on the rest of humanity to reduce our 'carbon footprint,' they have no trouble using all these technologies that emits CO2, uses up fossil fuels, kills trees, and clogs up landfills with trash material that will not decompose to peddle their ideology.

I have another suggestion. Lets not buy Cameron's movie. As a result we will not pollute the land with trash plastic wrappings and save energy by not playing the movie.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Random Musing

Here is something to ponder on, whether it is true or just silly. You decide.

Q.) What is the difference between an honest person who thinks we are living in the end times as foretold in Revelations and a person who thinks global warming is the end of this planet?

Give up?

A.) A person who thinks this is the End Times might be found on a street corner in sack-cloth holding up a sign reading 'The End is Near, Repent." Now the person thinking global warming will doom this planet might be found jetting in their private G3 sipping champagne to attend a conference on climate change.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

AP Climategate Graywash

Well the most trustworthy of all news media services has weighed in on all the CRU emails. The headline says it all I think - Report says hacked emails don't disprove climate change. Or maybe not.

This article admits that the scientists involved have displayed poor judgement in how they expressed themselves. Though the part I love in their portrait of these put upon scientists valiantly putting up the good fight is this -

The scientists were keenly aware of how their work would be viewed and used, and, just like politicians, went to great pains to shape their message.

When scientists shade their message to conform to some preconceived notion, its not science. Instead it's hucksterism pure and simple. They are trying to pull a fast one over everyone else.

And to prove how above aboard this piece is, well one of the AP writers admits they are part of the email trail from the CRU files. You will find this admission way at the bottom. Nice.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

AGW disciples - International Scoflaws

As East Anglia CRU moves to release their temperature data in an attempt to reclaim some small measure of integrity, one overriding thing needs to be considered. As people digging into the released code have discovered, some poor programmer named Harry at the CRU has tried to duplicate previous results and met with failure. So the chances of this released data ever supporting the CRU's published results are slim to none. Which means every published report that incorporated any CRU data is now at a minimum suspect and at worse worthless.

This leads back to the Heidelberg Appeal which was issued back in 1992 during the Earth Summit held in Rio de Janeiro. In this document, scientists appealed to all the people running the Earth Summit to use scientific methods in efforts to address any attempt to manage the environment. To date, 72 Nobel Prize winners can be counted among the 4,000+ signatories. Nobel winners in Medicine and Physics seem to dominate. As opposed to Al Gore and his Peace Prize who acts as the leader of the global warming/climate change brigade.

What also emerged from the Earth Summit was the Rio Declaration that had 27 Principles. It seems Mann, Hanson, and the CRU crew have been using Principle 15 to push their agenda.
In order to protect the environment, the precautionary approach shall be widely applied by States according to their capabilities. Where there are threats of serious or irreversible damage, lack of full scientific certainty shall not be used as a reason for postponing cost-effective measures to prevent environmental degradation.
But at the same time by their steadfast refusal to release their data and code they are in violation of Principle 10 of the same declaration. Environmental issues are best handled with participation of all concerned citizens, at the relevant level. At the national level, each individual shall have appropriate access to information concerning the environment that is held by public authorities... East Anglia CRU, NASA, NOAA, and others involved in this debacle can be considered public authorities since they receive governmental funding which affects public policy and everyone's standard of living. By denying individuals like McIntyre the appropriate access, they, being Mann et al, are repudiating Principle 10.

Finally lets look at Al Gore and how his carbon offset business fits within the Rio Declaration framework. This is germane since Al Gore has been the most visible supporter of global warming legislation while marketing the concept of a poor country selling its excess carbon credits to a developed county like the United Kingdom. Lets look at Principle 16 shall we? National authorities should endeavour to promote the internalization of environmental costs and the use of economic instruments, taking into account the approach that the polluter should, in principle, bear the cost of pollution, with due regard to the public interest and without distorting international trade and investment. Seems Al Gore and his business might be violating the spirit at least of this principle to make some dollars.

Ladies and gentlemen of the world, I must ask a simple question. When the big name people who push a certain approach are shown to be liars and charlatans, what should be done? The peddlers of this charade need to be repudiated. As for their ideas, these ideas must be classified as fallacy until reproducible results carried out in an open manner shows these ideas to have merit. Millions for defense, not one cent for AGW.