Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Another Broken Promise

Remember just a few short years ago when Barack Obama promised on June 4, 2008 that "This was the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and the earth began to heal."  Fast forward to now.

It seems Mother Earth did not get the message to stop raising the level of the seas.  That is what US News and MSNBC are reporting in this bit of doggerel they call news.  They call it an invisible tsunami threatening to engulf low lying coastal areas of the United States.

Excuse me?  An invisible tsunami?  And all you claim is a rise in ocean levels of 8 inches since 1880.  So in 132 years it has risen 8 inches or 0.06 inches per year.  Build the Ark now!  Panic!  Throw money our way so we can save the planet!

Except why panic?  If you look at the graphs from these Australian boffins we are merely reaching a previous historical high.  In the past 140,000 years there has been a sea level variation of 140 meters or almost 460 feet.  And there have been other periods of sharp rise and decline.

A great city dating back about 9,500 years ago has been discovered in India in 120 feet of water.  This city could rewrite the history books on the rise of human civilization.  South of Haifa Isreal lies the village of Atlit.  Some 1400 feet from that village and at the depth of 40 feet lies the remains of an 8,000 year old Neolithic village.  Moving forward in time we find the sunken English town of Dunwich.  This town was conquered by the relentless assault of the North Sea and was abandoned by 1750AD.

What could these three sites teach modern man one may ask?  One lesson is humans will adapt, survive, and flourish as their environment changes.  The second lesson is that the global environment is dynamic and will remain dynamic until the planet dies.  The final lesson should be obvious, all three sites suffered climate change before the advent of modern civilization which in turn calls into serious question the claims of all the doomsayers who want us to send them money to save us from a phenomena that is natural and well nigh impossible for humans to stem.

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