Sunday, November 13, 2011

Masque of Zuccotti

A grim milestone has been reached in the various Occupy tent cities. In the months they have existed, at least seven people have died so far.

How much longer must the impending health disaster called the Occupy movement continue? Yesterday I alluded to the TB outbreak in Atlanta, Mut on her blog notes the strain of TB is highly drug resistant. Which means the longer the protesters huddle in their clump of tents in poor weather the greater the number of casualties. The irony is the Center for Disease Control is headquartered in Atlanta, GA, the organization that will be tasked to contain and cure the outbreak. CDC has been reporting, as of 2010, an overall decline in TB cases in the United States to include fatalities, I wonder how long that trend will last if TB spreads from beyond the protesters' encampment?

Zuccotti Park in New York City is facing a far more insidious disease than the current Zuccotti Lung- Norovirus. Zuccotti is not the best place to live now, with Norovirus it will be far worse as the protesters will suffer vomiting, stomach pain, and diarrhea. People will be spreading the misery around since a person with Norovirus is infectious from the moment they contract it to as long as two weeks after the symptoms have passed. And it spreads quickly in closed environments like nursing homes and cruise ships.

“Pretty much everything here is a good way to get sick,” said Salvatore Cipolla, 23, from Long Island. “It’ll definitely thin the herd.”

I wonder if Salvatore Cipolla will be so blase and sanguine when he becomes just another statistic hacking his lungs onto the sidewalk or into the shrubs? This New York Times article is not painting a pretty picture of the protest folks. People just throwing their trash anywhere is indicative of the mindset of so many protesters, once something has stopped satisfying their immediate need they discard it without a thought to consequences. Read the whole article, its appalling what is going on in that park.

The following fact I am breaking out into a separate paragraph because it needs to be highlighted to show how skewed the priorities of the Occupy Wall Street crowd are. The OWS command tent has electricity or how else could the world watch their Livestream broadcast. Their generators are even run on bio-diesel to calm their qualms of mistreating Gaia. But the above New York Times article says the OWS medical tent has NO electricity so doctors and nurses strap flashlights to their foreheads.


Mutnodjmet said...

Masque of the Red Death is my favorite Vincent Price horror film. It is a classic. Thanks so much for the link, too. I still get angry that Team Obama forces H1N1 flu shots on the American public but is promoting these breeding grounds of truly lethal diseases.

Anna said...

You are most welcome. I had been thinking of doing this post but had not gotten to it yet. Then I read yours and said, time to write.

Read the New York Times article. The OWS crowd has been offered free flu shots. Some have refused fearing a government conspiracy. For supposedly smart people there is little to seperate them from a European peasent of the Dark Ages.

I love the Roger Corman/Vicent Price Masque of the Red Death. Prince Prospero is so sure he has all the angles figured out and then this innocent girl from the plague ville, in her simple faith, challenges him. Such even as he thinks his master is there to reward him, he asks that the girl be spared. Awesome movie.

vdavisson said...

Thanks to you and all the bloggers (Verum Serum, Gateway Pundit, Ace, Breitbart in all his portals, Weasel Zippers, Newsalert, and Legal Insurrection) in keeping this astroturf movement and its foibles front and center.

For the various mayors to keep the Occupods handy for whatever useful leftist support they provide is reprehensible. Bloomberg, Quan, Sam Adams (the corrupt leftist mayor of Portland), Kasim Reed of Atlanta... it's all madness.

Anna said...

vdavission, I am merely one of the little bloggers, aka one of the Davids, striving to bring down this giant lie that the Occupy protestors are like the Tea Party.

The Tea Party protests get permits, schedule one day to protest, pay their own way, show up, be polite, and leave their designated protest area cleaner than they found it.

The Occupy mobs can claim none of the above. In fact the news that people at Occupy Portland were arrested with homemade grenades should set off alarms. Do we really need the rise of a new violent SDS?