Thursday, April 22, 2010

A Mixed Message?

Today is Earth Day. A day the technology luddites will call upon us to turn away from the trappings of modern civilisation. To give up our cars, to recycle our bottles, and reduce our negative impact upon this planet. Some of these people even view the human race in toto to be a disease infecting Gaia that must be treated.

So I find it strange that one of the greatest paens to being green, or in this case blue, is being released today. James Cameron's technological remastering of Fern Gully meets Dances with Wolves is being released on Blu-Ray today. The movie is called Avatar. So on a day we are supposed to respect this planet, Cameron is crassly peddling his consumer driven movie that extoles humanity as recklessly greedy.

So lets think on that shall we? It is called hypocrisy I think. While Cameron and others like him call on the rest of humanity to reduce our 'carbon footprint,' they have no trouble using all these technologies that emits CO2, uses up fossil fuels, kills trees, and clogs up landfills with trash material that will not decompose to peddle their ideology.

I have another suggestion. Lets not buy Cameron's movie. As a result we will not pollute the land with trash plastic wrappings and save energy by not playing the movie.


Rides A Pale Horse said...

In addition to NOT buying that 3-D piece of crap propaganda movie, I'm "celebrating" by making sure that each and every one of my gas guzzling vehicles gets a few miles today, turning on every (incandescent) light in the house along with the swamp cooler AND the furnace, emptying all the partially used aerosol cans I have lying around and throwing all my newspapers and recyleables (including batteries) in the dumpster. Might even use some of that DDT based insecticide I have left over from the 50s to take care of the yellowjackets I have around here. Maybe that'll give "Mother Gaia" something to do other than earthquakes and volcanos.

No need to thank me. Just doin' my part.

Screw Algore, GLOBAL WARMING proponents and anyone else that believes that bullshit.

Happy Earth Day! (spit)

AndyJ said...

RIDES A PALE HORSE- You forgot to go out and burn a few tires and pour some used motor oil on the ground. But that's OK, I took care of those for you.

Anna said...

LOL Smoke'm if ya got'em?