Sunday, October 30, 2011

OWS Idiots

Well last night and this morning I tried to pay attention to what the Occupy Wall Street crowd were doing. They have a Livestream with video and chat. It was educational, but probably not in the way the people doing it would like.

Lets see one of the people they interviewed last night said, "Hi my name is Henry. I am from Mobile, AL. I quit school and I quit my job to be here." One word for this guy - IDIOT!

Their idea of 'public' safety is something to behold. The one 'security' person who was clad in The North Face jacket they talked to spoke of de-escalation. Also last night they had someone try to take stuff and the concern of one commentator was not the theft itself.

They also had a playlist. The Beatles Revolution was played but the lyrics about 'count me out' I did not hear. Odd. Next song was California Dreamin. Then they switched to something modern and well all that song sounded like was a depressed stoner.

The height of their debating skills boiled down to calling each other denigrating or derogatory names. What egalitarianism and erudition they displayed in this discourse.

Finally lets talk the use and mis-use of technology that was on display.

They assured their followers they had plenty of power and they were running on bio-diesel. Ah it must be good for them to pat their ego for using bio-diesel to save Gaia as they use their Made in China Mac laptops to protest with.

Their live video feed was amusing. It worked most of the time. But other times it would just drop out and see nothing. At one point they put up a banner saying 'obviously not live.' Another point the live video had odd sound effects, sounded like the protesters were talking to their alien overlords because it seems they had cross-talk interference. Their dismounting of the livestream camera took about ten minutes of discussion and then the camera guy had to tote the Mac laptop it was connected to so the video would go online.

After just about an hour of experiencing this I came to one conclusion. Count me out since all of you seem to be idiots.


Andyj said...

Ah Anna, how can you possibly denigrate our future college professors, politicians, bankers, and capitalists? These are the children of the 60's hippies and they are carrying on the tradition of their parents to the max. For didn't their parents make this country better by their drum banging, their filthiness and their utter stupidity. Bless the hippies, they make the world so much better for all of us (except probably the soap manufacturers)

Legion said...

Just aching to toss tear gas grenades into that crowd. Dirty bums. Restaurants who gave them food are finally getting a clue and are stopping giving them gourmet meals. Brown rice is all they get. Criminals and bums are eating and sleeping there- the brats are going home to eat and sleep at night. Hearing they are getting $600 a week from Soros.

Anna said...

These idiots, like their European counterparts, have been promised everything without having to work for it. It may take a village to raise a child, but it takes a socialist invasive goverment to ruin a child.

Legios they have no appreciation of what they have because they are stupid. They were told that if they get a college education they will make more. Well we are hip-deep in people with worthless degrees and with mountains of debt. How can I say they are worthless, because the degree is in a soft science and not in areas like physics or medecine.

So now the poor 'Cescas are entering a job market that has no room for their education and because they are 'Cescas they think working at a pizza place is beneath them. So they get angry and become the perfect pawns for others.