Wednesday, June 16, 2010

This Talk of War

For a man who promised to break out of the Bush view of the world, it seems Obama has had a change of heart. Well not really. All he is talking about is battling the oil spill as it invades the US coastline. Our president will ascribe human motives and capabilities to an inanimate object - oil. But he will not use the same terms where they belong, out on the battlefield of Iraq and Afghanistan. Or even closer to home, in the United States itself. An Army deserter and female companion try to gain access to MacDill AFB, which is CENTCOM HQ, and we have a Ft. Gordon another person gained access to the post armed with things like flash bang grenades.

Luckily we have brave Horatius still guarding the bridge or in this case the guard shack at two bases on American soil. In both cases the people were stopped before they could do any harm, unlike the Ft. Hood massacre by Nidal Hassan. Or the harm of another type a Specialist named Manning has inflicted upon the United States and its efforts to stem global terrorism, which the Obama administration now calls man-caused disasters.

I truly wish the Obama administration would focus with laser like precision on each task like stopping the oil leak in the gulf of Mexico. Instead Okaloosa has voted to defend its beaches and ignore the Fedearl dictats. It was another verbal mistake for Obama to invoke Kennedy's man on the moon vision when Johnson Space Center in Houston, Michoud outside New Orleans, Stennis in Mississippi, and Kennedy Space Center are facing the loss of thousands of high tech jobs because Obama cut Orion and Constellation. Now these states are seeing even more job losses and environmental destruction because Emperor Obama has been too busy golfing and dancing. Though have no fear, Obama has nominated a new Czar to deal with the oil spill and tossed the whole fiasco onto the desk of Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus.

Instead we saw last night a true leadership failure as Obama ignored the current problem in order to push his cherished delusion of enacting climate control legislation disguised as green energy independence. So the only thing this laser 'precision' has seemingly punctured is Obama's credibility. Shooting onself in the foot, even in a political sense, is a painful thing. For the Left who put Obama on a pedestal and gave him a platinum halo, it must truly hurt to realize their cherished 'god' doth bleed.


Myrtus said...

The oil spill may turn out to be the most tragic divine intervention to rescue this country from total disintegration. It appears to be the one thing that might finally unite the American people against the current regime.

Anna said...

Proves free will when corrupted by short term greed can have long lasting consequences. Its Day 60 and still the Dutch skimmers are not approved for use. Its Ray Nagin and his school buses all over again. the tools are there but the likes of Obama refuse to use them because it does not serve some purpose of their's.

I hope you are right and we stop this slide into tribalism and squabbling right now before it gets worse. It is terrible and we have ourselves to blame for it. For letting leaders get around our better impulses and pander to 'what's in it for me' so they can live lives of luxury.

The progressive socialists who claim to be Democrats are anything but democratic. They enjoy playing one group against another so they keep power. But with Obama's election, the leopard has kept the same spots - its Bush's fault or its all because of racism. And its no longer working. People have thrown out the Commie Kool-Aide and started to drink tea again. May we keep turning the tide against them, to send them packing this November.

Myrtus said...

It was inevitable Anna. He could only fool the people for so long...not even the liberals. He's making far too many mistakes that are too blatant to hide. He doesn't even hide the fact that he's trying to kill off capitalism anymore. At this point I don't even think he'll get to finish his full term.

Myrtus said...

Did you see this?