Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Kennedy Blarney

The most dysfunctional family in the United States continues to garner media coverage.  How dysfunctional you may ask?  Psychology Today put together a list of the top seven Kennedy sex scandals.  Go read them, it is shocking.  Then there was Ted Kennedy trying to collaborate with the USSR to destroy Ronald Reagan. But old Ted can justly claim he was just following in the family tradition, his father Joesph Kennedy Sr was a real piece of work in his rampant hatred of the Jews and love of German National Socialism.  Kennedy, after fleeing London as the Blitz petered out, was sacked by Roosevelt and replaced as Ambassador to the Court of St. James by John Winant.

That the Kennedy family continues to garner media coverage and thought to be representative of America can only be ascribed to the pushing of a false narrative.  It is a bundled package of smaller lies that hide behind the tragic assassination of John F. Kennedy in Dallas, TX in 1963.  To point out all the failings and outright crimes of the Kennedy family is to endure the ceaseless tirade of being unfair to the slain President.  As in do you have no decency?  History cares not for decency when it records a leader's achievements and failures, Kennedy's greatest failure at the Bay of Pigs lead directly to the Cuban Missile Crisis because the USSR read Kennedy as weak after that failed invasion.  That is why the world almost vanished under multiple mushroom clouds.  Daley Plaza can't cover that up.

So where am I going with this recitation of the Kennedy family crimes?  Just the latest lambasting from the Kennedy Holier Than Thou pulpit.  Robert Kennedy Jr, being a Kennedy, is no stranger to the spotlight.  Oddly three days after filing divorce papers on his second wife, she was arrested on a DUI.  He campaigned for Rep. Dennis Kucinich in that man's losing primary run, Kucinich lost to fellow Democrat Mary Kaptur and he was not graceful in his concession speech.  Kennedy has also harangued about the danger of mercury in vaccines causing Autism.  Notice how many corrections are at the end of the article, including a gross inflation of a percentage.  For a less strident discussion, the FDA has a good precis including an incident in Australia in 1928 that gave rise to requiring a preservative in vaccines, out of 21 inoculated 12 died.

Now that I have established Robert Kennedy Jr's questionable track record in the public and private square that shows he lives in a large glass house, here is his latest cheap shot of record.  Because Sen. Infoe is a skeptic and critic of man-made global warming, Robert Kennedy Tweeted a comment that would get Imus suspended and Carbonite to quit Rush.  He called Sen. Infoe a prostitute in the employ of the oil companies.  That is really discussing the heart of the matter there Robert, smear your opponent.  Did you call Joseph P. Kennedy II a dictator's prostitute when he got cheap heating oil from Hugo Chavez of Venezuela?  I bet you didn't. 


Mutnodjmet said...

Great piece: Stop by the Shrine again, my friend. I gave you a little link love. :)

Anna said...

Thanks MUT alot.

The Kennedys annoy me so much. The media savaged JFK over being Catholic. Talk about a hoot, they are the most non-Catholic clan in existence. If you go to that sex scandal list apparently they had JFK wired for sound when Ted got married. He whispered to Ted that fidelity was not really required.

The dysfunction of the Kennedy clan should be taught in parenting classes. A whole class just detailing why you should not follow the Kennedy example.

Anonymous said...

Nice post. As anyone who is paying attention can tell you, the democrats are littered with people who feel entitled and above the laws both legal and moral that we the great unwashed mass of conservatives must live under.

first time commentor... known as "Some Guy you don't know in Wisconsin" over at the Ace of Spades HQ where I followed a link to your post. Hope to read more interesting posts from you in future.

Anna said...

Thanks Some Guy. I know George Orwell so deftly explained it, some are more equal than others. And this current generation which has become OWS more than any other. Keep giving them positive feedback, keep telling them what that they are owed because they are so smart... and now when thwarted they act like spoilt 6 yr old brats.

Anonymous said...

Nice piece !
I can't stand the adjulation over all things Kennedy in the MSM. Whenever someone with the Kennedy name runs for public office, they dig up the JFK / RFK Camelot BS.
(Errr ahhhh) Ask not what the qualifications of a Kennedy are. Ask yourself how bad you feel about JFK/RFK being assasinated. (Errrr ahhhh). Yes, it's was a tragedy but that doesn't entitle your offspring to public office. They were Catholic in name only. Libertine in their private lives and utopian statists in office. I can NEVER forgive JFK for unleashing unions on the US Federal Government.
The sooner we get past the false Kennedy narrative the better off the country will be.

Anna said...

Anonymous thanks. False narrative or big lie, both work. The Kennedy family is like a Chevy Volt. Described in an ad as a spaceship. But the reality is its a clunker with defects.