Friday, June 25, 2010

Is Time Running Out?

Judging by the forcasted path of Tropical Depression One, not yet. But Deepwater Horizon needs to be capped before time runs out. I don't think anyone really wants to find out how far inland a hurricane can sweep tar-balls ashore or if there is enough oil floating on the water that it will interrupt the heat pump of warm water that powers such a storm.


pat said...

Of course a hurricane will prove devastating/ As devestating as the absolute incompetence of this administration. It is incredible the MSM just lets this go on and on. There should be impeachment hearings on Obama's mental state. Congress should be passing bills to by pass the President. waive the Jones act and allow someone besides BP to fis this mess. Someone like Haliburton that actually knows what they are doing.

Rides A Pale Horse said...

"Someone who actually knows what they're doing"??

And show up Oblather?

Fat chance

Bobby Jindal knows what he's doing and what he needs and has been miles ahead of watziname in leadership and look what it got him.


Tom's Place said...

Obozo should take all of the paper the Cap & Trade bill takes up, and use that to cap the well...

Seriously, no matter where the storm goes, it's going to be a mess.

Anna said...

All things considered with this oil spill, health care, immigration, foreign relations show one thing. Obama has this vision of America and he thinks he can pull it off. That all of these events, even ones which are truly out of his control he can control or manage to his advantage. This hubris is a terribly dangerous conceit that the whole world may suffer from.