Thursday, June 24, 2010

Deny thy father Rory

When I read how Rory Reid is managing his campaign to become the governor of Nevada, the Bard springs to mind. Of when Juliet Capulet implores Romeo Montague to turn his back on his family so they can be together - "Deny thy father and refuse thy name!" Juliet implores. Alas Romeo does not nor does Juliet deny her family. So in the end they both die very tragically.

It seems Rory Reid's campaign is set to suffer the same ill-starred fate as those two Italian lovers. Reid is trying to re-brand himself as simply Rory. No reference to his last name nor how he is related to Sen. Harry Reid [D-NV] who leads the US Senate. Now come on Rory, are you truly expecting undecided voters to be no smarter than broccoli and not know who you are related to? I would say that would a strike against you serving in any public office. Another strike is the blatant dishonesty of this re-branding. You are asking the voters to think hard on who they will elect while trying to obscure yourself and hope they don't think too hard. You are trying to have your cake and eat it too it seems Mdme. Antoinette to get elected.

Like Romeo refusing to deny his father name, by denying his last name Rory hopes to avoid publicly denying everything his father stands for. Which means Rory probably stands for the same narrow-minded avaricious things Harry stands for - power and money. Which are excellent reasons not to let Rory anywhere near the executive branch of government.

I must return to another quote from another play written by the Bard, of Marc Anthony after Julius Ceaser's assassination - "Friends, countrymen, Romans; lend me your ears. We come here not to praise Ceaser but to bury him." When the election for governor rolls around in Nevada, let us hope the voters of Nevada not only send Harry to the political graveyard but his son Rory as well.

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