Sunday, June 20, 2010

Obama's 'Let them eat cake' moment

All I can say is I am boggled if this is true.

The White House will have to produce the actual recordings of this meeting to disprove what Sen. Kyl is reporting. If Gibbs tries to blow off the reporter who asks for the recording while saying nothing happened, lets all remember Romanov and Seestak plus other internal White House findings of 'nothing happened.' Dear President Obama you are way overdrawn on the trust account. Show the people the proof that Sen. Kyl is mis-stating what you said in a private meeting. Come on, this a chance to destroy the credibility of one of the leading Republican opponents to all you champion. To remain silent is to admit you will not defend the sovereign territory of these United States. The ball Mr. President is in your court, will you toss a wimpy pitch by stonewalling? Or will you finally zing us with a scorching fast-ball by proving Sen. Kyl is a liar?

Thanks Myrtus for pointing this video out to me.


Legion said...

Yeah of course it is true. Stinky b.o. said it as a matter of fact. Then it did not play well in Peoria and he backtracked and had the assistant lie for him. He is a piece of work.

pat said...

I think it is pretty obvious that any white person killed, maimed, robbed, raped or otherwise tormented is perfectly acceptable to Obama. I do not think Obama really likes Americans or America.

Anna said...

It very clear Obama thinks of Caucasian people as the devil hisself. Yes he is a piece of work, a warped piece that voters put in power. And one we can still remove from office via ballot box starting this November by kicking his fellow-travellers out of office.