Sunday, July 12, 2009

Tyranny Will Be Micro-Managed

I have blogged before on how the American version of a progressive collectivist operates in order to not attract much attention. They dress up their dastardly designs under reasonable sounding words so the taxpayer becomes lulled until its too late, like the frog in the slowly heating up pot of water.

In California the stampede for the borders continues, this time Creators Syndicate is looking to run to a sunnier tax climate as it fights one more battle against Los Angeles because of the principal of the thing. The Angelenos, in general, got another rude awakening after the funeral hoopla surrounding Michael Jackson when they found they got stuck with a multi-million dollar bill even as all levels of California government are issuing IOUs instead of actual payments.

While up in the Soviet Socialist Republic of Washington, like socialists elsewhere, they have found something else to try and regulate. Previous brainstorms have seen no salt on the roads during winter protected Puget Sound but the sand substitute destroyed many of Seattle's water pumps. Meanwhile the interdiction program against the smuggling of phosphate laden detergents is starting to sound like a Pentagon briefing on stopping the Ho Chi Minh Trail. Lots of big words and lofty goals that are very short on reality. So where do these brave stewards of the common weal go next to prove they know how to run your life better than you? If you wash your car in your driveway and not at some car wash, Seattle is thinking of issuing a citation and a fine. It seems all those microscopic particles of copper and droplets of loose oil, probably from that state auto inspector trying to make you take the light rail and quit your car - hopefully being flippant here, are threatening the delicate constitution of Mother Earth. Don't you feel better knowing they are working on the important things instead of pesky things like firefighters, don't think they are pesky then ask New Haven CT.

It seems its time to go Galt and stop working for the socialist no-goodniks that infest California and Washington. Vote with your feet and vote with your ballot to stop the onslaught of government tyranny via micro-management.

"Working at the car wash blues"

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