Saturday, July 11, 2009

Obama the Lesser

Well we can see how President Obama's apology tour of Latin America has affected the perception of the United States down there. We just have to look at the drama around Honduras' internal affairs. Well if it was Iran, it would be internal affairs.

Both Hugo Chavez and President Obama want the same thing. Proto-Marxist and now ousted President Zelaya of Honduras back as the leader of that country. As negotiations continue in Costa Rica to resolve the crisis, the Zelaya buddy and printing press for the illegal ballots Hugo Chavez does his best to swagger and steal the spotlight.

He is blasting the United States for being timid. He wants the US to recall its ambassador, impose economic sanctions, and even use the US military forces who have been training with the Hondurans to do 'something.' This gives Chavez cover for his failure to invade Honduras, as he has promised, to reinstate Zelaya. He can now turn to the rest of Central and South America and say "I showed solidarity with Zelaya and argued for his forceful return. If the interfering and imperial United States could do nothing because President Obama is fearful and blocked any such forceful action, then how could I do anything." Factor in President Obama's worldwide tour to reset US relations with various countries which is being seen as 'I do humbly apologise for the United States being such a powerful nation.' and many will believe him and Chavez becomes a greater statesman for the region as the US influence becomes weaker.

Obama is proving to be a weak horse on the world stage and those with no honorable intentions are sharpening their knives because they see the United States as weak as a logical corollary. Instead of Alinksy, Obama should have read Nicolai Machiavelli.


Ed Rasimus said...

Obama weak? That's too strong a word. Now if there are some cameras and a teleprompter available, he'll hold a news conference to explain why he might or might not do something in Honduras or elsewhere in support of one or the other side sooner or later. Which all the American people agree is necessary.

Anna said...

Wimp, wus, milqtoast, craven, meek, docile, sucker, greenhorn?

I so love Chavez saying Obama has to do something with the US military forces in country. I wonder if he wants to provoke Honduras into blockading those forces. Which in turn would prompt Obama to actually do something for those troops. And knowing how Obama operates, bet he would pull the troops out so he can stay neutral and mediate things. Which in turn would cause Chavez to fill the vacuum such a retreat would engender. Or Obama feels he is being slighted and will show Chavez, so he tries to send those forces to do something. Now it would be Honduras screaming of American Imperialism and I bet 1000 pesos Chavez switches sides and denounces Obama and the United States.

Obama's mis-handling of this entire situation leads him to this point. I wonder now if that fist-bump and smile of Chavez's as he met Obama was not a smile of triumph as he found the new American President a sucker.

Pat said...

Look who made #4 of Most Clicked at LGF:

Anna said...

AAww Pat thankee. You made me go back there to look. ;)

How you doing?