Monday, July 13, 2009

Church Committee Part II

With Attorney General Eric Holder floating the idea of appointing a special prosecutor on how the Bush Administration and the CIA conducted operations and salacious leaks percolating through the media organs, I fear we are about to experience another Church Committee.

Some bad things will emerge from these intense probings under possible media glare. That is the good thing if properly handled. The bad thing is if this comes to pass and played for maximum smearing of the CIA and George Bush, then the employees of the CIA and other agencies will pull in their investigative horns least they be strung up for a lynching.

Judging by the past antics of Pelosi, Rockefeller, Reyes, and other clowns, it will be a bad thing. It will declaw agencies vital to fighting the war on terror while we are locked in a death struggle. It will feed anti-Americanism around the world by painting the US in a negative light that justifies all their rhetoric and will encourage them to greater acts of denunciation.

This administration and Congress are playing with fire as they fiddle to make themselves feel good.


Mike's America said...

How many times are they going to float this idea?

I bet the whole thing is connected to the scam that House Dems tried to pull by accusing the CIA of lying and suggesting Cheney was behind it all.

Funny how Obama STILL hasn't released the CIA memos which Dems claim show Cheney lied about the effectiveness of waterboarding.

What a shame more people aren't aware of that little game.

Anna said...

it has turned out to be a scam. And the Dem kung-fu is so weak to those who are strong.

First the Dems during our battles in Afghanistan and Iraq were screaming about Bush taking his eye off the ball - ie get bin Laden. Now we got a new administration and a Speaker of the House caught lying, it seems they are aghast because the CIA actually thought of whacking bin Laden.

It is truly disgusting. Some hope and change. And meanwhile Chavez is calling Obama an Imperial Yanqui and demanding he pull the US troops out of Honduras. That apology really worked didn't it Obama?