Tuesday, July 14, 2009

How's That Again?

Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor has navigated her second day of being interviewed by members of the Senate. One thing has left me scratching my head however.

Republican Senators have been calling attention to Sotomayor's repeated use of a 'wise Latina woman' and its variations in her writings and speeches. They have been asking her what she means by that. Apparently all these Republican Senators and many average people just do not understand Sotomayor if we are to believe her own words and the words of her defenders.

What is their defense of words that seems to imply Sotomayor is for reverse discrimination you may ask. The answer is most troubling, that poor Sonia Sotomayor has been misunderstood in repeated speeches and writings by all these people.

But President Obama and the Democrats in Congress want her to sit on the Supreme Court where she will write dissenting opinions or even opinions for the majority. Even though they freely acknowledge with this 'misunderstood' defense that she is imprecise or murky in conveying her thoughts. Why should she get a seat on the Supreme Court if she can not write understandable English when she is being entrusted with guiding the laws of this country?


Mike's America said...

Come on Anna. There was nothing murky about what Soto said or meant.

And when she sits on the big court there won't be any higher authority to overturn her opinions.

Ed Rasimus said...

It is playing out as great theater. The Senators pontificate and drone than Sonia replies according to the script which requires the listener to totally ignore her history on the bench which is somewhat less than mediocre.

Anna said...

Its theatre that makes one sick to the stomach. Only Al Franken could take it lower and he did by talking about Perry Mason. We truly have a government run by clowns.