Monday, March 30, 2009

Stupid Socialist Solutions

For your amused edification dear readers, I shall present five, count them five, examples of why socialist regulations are mind-boggingly stupid. Unless you are living in these areas, then its not so funny. My suggestion, move.

First lets look at the state of California. It seems they are in a bind over energy supply. Well after Gray Davis put them through the ringer, its a surprise its not worse than it is. So the socialist mavens that infest Sacramento and certain coastal enclaves have hatched a new idea on stretching the power available and their solution is misleadingly labeled a 'smart' meter. This new meter monitors how much electricity a consumer uses like the old ones, but it has a new trick as it reports the useage to the power company or even the government. And those wonderful folks can decide if you are using too much electricty and shut you down. Obviously when they call it a smart meter, they mean it is smarter than the consumer since these folks do not believe the average consumer is smart enough to do such things as turn lights out when not in use.

Next on the list of real bone-headed ideas that accomplishes almost nothing comes from the Soviet Socialist Republic of Seattle. This past winter, it was literally worth your life to venture onto the streets of Seattle after it snowed. In order to protect the salt-water filled Puget Sound from contamination of more salt, Seattle did not lay down any salt when it snowed. So if a person wanted to drive on these icy streets, the trip could end in tragedy. As I said Puget Sound is already full of saltwater, what will a little more salt do? Give the Pacific Ocean high blood pressure?

Not wanting to rest on their laurels after conjuring up smart meters, those chaps in California hatched a new idea to save the environment. Extrapoliating from basic science that dark colours absorb more light, they have truly leapt over the couch and now find themselves tap-dancing above the shark to reach the conclusion that having a dark coloured car makes the air conditioner work harder and hence consume more petrol which means more pollution is released. So what is their solution? Well its not adivising owners of dark coloured cars to let the windows down for the first couple minutes so the hot air leaves. Oh no, they have got to have the $64,000 answer since they think they are so smart. They want to ban all dark coloured cars from being sold. For a money grubbing capitalist like all the hard hit car dealerships, there is an easy way around this regulation if it comes to pass. Just offer the buyer of that lime green Impala a discount on a paint job of their choice if they close the deal. Which will then cause those regulatory boffins to dispatch the police to arrest people. And by the time the regulators have chased all the paint shops over the state line, who knows how many millions of dollars will have been spent enforcing this boondoggle while killing viable businesses?

The next story, again from Seattle, reminded me of a passge from Mary Rodgers' charming novel Freaky Friday. Annabelle's father is an ad-exec and his agency had landed an account from a laundry detergent manufacturer to market a more environmentally friendly detergent. This detergent had no phosphates. To quote from the book: "no phosphates, low sudsing action, and, according to my mother, gray laundry." Seattle has been selected as the test subject for the outlawing of dishwasher detergents like Electrosol because they contain, wait for it, phosphates that are hazardous to the environment. What has happened instead of people being docile little drones, a black market has sprung up for phosphate laden dishwasher detergents. People are going to other states and bringing back the stuff, so now Seattle is pondering going after the smugglers.

But wait, the best is yet to come. Or the worse. It all depends upon location, are you the one getting screwed by the government or doing the screwing because you work for the government? I will give the moronic Democrats that infest the Congress a smidgen of a benefit of doubt that they fail to even realize what they will cause with this proposed legislation that is called HR 875 that sets up a Food Safety Administration, lets ignore the pre-existing Food and Drug Administration. Whereas environmentalist wet dreams of turning every pond into wetlands has been thwarted by judicial rulings limiting what consitutes standing water while the Congressinal pet project adminsitration called the Corps of Engineers keeps trying to stretch the definition of naviagable waterways to control more and more territory, this act leaves nothing to doubt. It grants the Federal Government complete authority to inspect any farm producer, even if its your retired grandma growing a few tomato plants plus a few chickens. And if you try to sell your stuff in a roadside stall, well the Federal Government is going to presume you are guilty of causing interstate commerce and hence can find you for it. What will this gob-smacking idiotic and horribly written piece of garbage actually do? First it will chase out or drive underground the small farmer. So our food supply becomes more centralised and hence easier for one act of sabotage cause more harm. Even if nothing untoward happens to the cosumers' health, if the government regulates food production to such that only large corporate farms can produce food, will the government also stipulate what will be grown and where? If this is true, tehn we shall face another Dust Bowl of far greater destruction as the morons in Congress will have caused a famine that would exceed the Stalin induced famine that murdered over 7 million Ukrainians as he enforced the collectivisation of all farms into state run entities. And until the USSR crumbled, this act by the Soviets turned them into food importers since they could never produce enough food for their population. This centralisation of food production by the state government has been tried in other countries like Cambodia and Zimbabwe, the result is the same - the populace ends up starved and suffering while Pol Pot and Mugabe live luxurious lifestyles.

In the states of California and Washington, you the state voters can stop the stupidty. So do it! Now HR 875, We the People, in order to form a more perfect Union, had better let our elected officials in Washington DC that this bill must not pass. Sound the charge, storm up Capitol Hill and lets take back our country from the Professional Prostitutes of the Potomac.


paranoidpyro said...

Sadly, anybody who has ever wanted to see what control by the Democrats looks like merely needed to look at places like CA, WA, MI, San Francisco, Detroit, DC, Balitmore, Chicago, or any major city in the US. These places are unmanagable hellholes (in the case of most major cities). They're managed to run the richest state in the US (California) basically into bankruptcy.

But I'm sure somehow all of it is Bush's fault anyway.

Anna said...

Bush and Reagan before him, be cause they really did try to tell people you are masters of your own fate. And that is something all the basement dwellers do not want to think about. Would mean them growing up and accepting responsibility.

The Six said...

I'm one of those living in California. For now. The hopelessness in this state is palbable. Runaway spending, a gang problem second only to Mexico, soaring taxes and no end in sight. Throw in a governor unmasked as the liberal he is and you've got the recipe for disaster. Those of with an ounce of sense are doing what we can but I fear it's a lost cause.

Anna said...

Unfortunately Six it seems those who can are voting with their feet, which means more of the problems flow in as they flee, thus increasing the trouble those who are trapped have to face.

That sucking sound is not the water closet, its California's viability going down the tubes.