Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Who Didn't Know?

Thanks to Black Five for this link. My blood is about to burst through my ears reading this article and I am only halfway through it. Boy do I need a big soft pillow stapled to a wall so I can bang my head against the wall without incurring a concussion, this torques me so.

First what the frak is administration officials doing violating the Espionage Act to give a reporter almost blow-by-blow account of a mission that should remain murky on details in order to protect our soldiers and deny the bad guys intel they can use in the future to try and kill those soldiers. Actually I know why they doing the leakage, they want to polish their bad-assery apple before people they like. In my eyes they are scum for doing this.

Though it seems the mission was compromised even before the mission launched. The shooters were forced to launch when they did because of one reason - "too many American officials had been briefed on the plan. U.S. officials feared if it leaked to the press, bin Laden would disappear for another decade." The press these two officials were prostituting themselves before in this article were judged a threat to the mission.

Which meant the mission had to go, regardless of anything else. That anything else almost made this mission a repeat of Jimmy Carter's disastrous attempt to rescue Americans in Iran. How can I make this acussation? Easy. The two UH-60s with muffled sound were so quirky - "The added weight of the stealth technology meant cargo was calculated to the ounce, with weather factored in." Now factor in the temperature was warmer than expected plus Afghanistan/Pakistan is mountainous, the lift being generated by the helicopter rotors was less than expected. This should have been a No Go - notice the way its worded it is painted as if the military did not know the weather forecast, but it can be inferred from the previous statement that too many people knew so the military knew they had to go even with unfavorable weather conditions. The military was forced to roll the dice and hope they could dodge a bullet.

So when the shooters did get to bin Laden's compound the dice rolled snake-eyes. So one of the stealth UH-60s faltered and crashed. Luckily no one was hurt in the crash and all the shooters from both Blackhawks went with Plan B. They blasted through the walls and dropped Osama bin Laden. Once the mission was done, they scooted back to Afghanistan.

The anonymous carpet-munchers need to get keel-hauled for their treachery with this interview. For example it was mentioned this was the fourth foray into Pakistani territory. Plus the teams practised on two mockups of the compound. But after the other stuff they vomited up, what is two more right? These people have got to go before they do more harm.

The only human interest interesting fact to emerge from this article is the name of the dog used on the mission - Cairo. Someone give that dog a nice steak. Then give Cairo protection least some jihadi scumbag decides to kill the dog.

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