Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Funny Notion

This story out of the Peoples Republic of China prompted a little brainstorm that would fit in with Day By Day cartoon I think. So here goes.

Zed, Damon, Jan, Sam are in a supermarket shopping, commenting on high food prices. They get to the produce section and Damon looks over the watermelons on sale.

Zed, "Careful that watermelon might come from China."

Damon looks confused, "What?"

Jan, "Aren't you stereotyping Zed?" She reaches to touch one of the green striped watermelons. *BOOM*

Sam checks on the twins who are hiding behind her before commenting. "Trust the Commies to make an IED melon."


Rose said...

LOL, love it! And LOVE LOVE LOVE Day by Day!

Ed Rasimus said...

Exploding melons from over-fertilizing. Is this the year of the exploding Designated Hitter and NFL lineman?

Just noticed that the falling snowflakes on your back ground mountain follow the cursor with mouse movement! Too neat!

Anna said...

Rose, yeah Day By Day is a very good read.

Ed, LOL. Exploding NFL lineman. Watchout for all that fleshy shrapnel! As for the snowflakes, Rose suggested them along with designing a new header. Seems to be growing on me the snowflakes. Will start wishing for cold real soon, as the cool spell ends and summer cranks up.

Chris Muir said...

Not bad,Anna,not bad!


Anna said...

Squee!!!!!!!!! Thank you Chris! Thank you!

Legion said...

Hey, I'm having watermelon for dessert tonite! HEY. Oh Gallagher- want a melon to hit????

Anna said...

Legios, LOL Gallagher and the pre-exploding melons... :)