Monday, May 23, 2011

Dallas Comic Con

The artist of this poster is Brian Denham. He was at the Dallas Comic Convention in Irving TX this past weekend. The big name guests were Leonard Nimoy, Stan Lee, and Carrie Fisher. The artists ally area was full of people like Brian, Ben Dunn, Amanda Connor, Jimmy Palmiotti, Bernie Wrightson, and others.


Rose said...

Love it!

Anna said...

I had fun there. That poster, just had to get. Feet were still killing me today from this weekend.

Legion said...

Nice pic. Just hope the intent was she was being lauded and not mocked.

Anna said...

She was being lauded. It was used as a cover to a comic about Sarah Palin and her steampunk powers saving the world.

There is also a comic called President Evil. Obama as Ash with chainsaw. Battling the likes of zombie FDR.

I chose to buy the Steampunk Sarah Palin poster over the President Evil poster. :D