Saturday, May 14, 2011

Enough Already

I have been busy with other things but still been paying a little attention to things. Like the hemorrhage of information, speculation, and voyeurism about the death of Osama bin Laden.

We have now been accosted by information that the SEALs had helmet cams, their first shot missed, they cleared the women from the field of fire before dropping Osama like a bag of goat excrement, got wanna-bes posing as SEALs, reporters trying to find which bars do SEALs favor, and now that Osama had a wooden crate of porn under his bed.

How crass. I am sorry but no one really obsessed this much about Mussolini when him and his mistress were trussed up upside down. Or when Tojo tried to commit suicide. No one cared that Idi Amin had under his bed a box full of hand grenades and Tom&Jerry cartoons.

What is this, a new reality show called SEAL Team POV? The means should not matter, the United States found Osama and arranged for him to have a hearing with a higher authority on the morals of his actions. End of story.


AndyJ said...

Ah, welcome back. Sounds like the Rambama group of kids want everyone to think that they are the really tough boys on the block. Have you seen the Obama SEAL action figure? As one commentator on the web said....It's good that they uses Michelle's body for the doll, with her famous well toned arms. I have a feeling that any and all of this administration would sully their diapers if ever put in a combat position, especially if someone would be shooting at them. What a bunch of posers.

On an off topic note, have you read about the recent Indiana supreme court (cough, cough, gag) decision that the police can enter your house at any time LEGALLY OR ILLEGALLY and you cannot stop or hinder them......ILLEGALLY???????? a giant WTF. The court said that if the illegally enter your home, you can iron it out in the courts when you make bail or are released. That is you can sue them and use your own money to get justice. Question is, what happens when the CASTLE DOCTRINE meets the ILLEGAL NO-KNOCK entry???

How are you doing, staying out of the flooding? We have been watching the news and it looks terrible there. Makes our creek flooding seem so insignificant. Best wishes from all of us.

Anna said...

AndyJ - http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20110513/ap_on_re_us/us_us_libya The Libyan mis-adventure continues. Which proves the Osama take-down did not originate inside the Obama braintrust.

I noticed that really progressive liberal ruling of 3-2. As that former Marine in Tuscon that Dupnik's SWAT killed proved, inept no-knock warrants carried out by criminally incompetent police get innocents killed. Indiana courts just encouraged more such.

I have been spared the whole river flooding disaster. But on top of other happenings, more farmland is out of production. Which means more price pressure. Pray for the families along the Mississippi River.