Sunday, March 13, 2011

Help Japan

For some links on where to donate -

Salvation Army

American Red Cross

World Vision Online

I offer these links as a way to help. The New York Yankees are giving $100,000 to the relief effort and other teams are doing fundraisers. This quake shifted Japan 2.4 meters closer to the US and affected the Earth's rotation. There is the ongoing catastrophe with Fukushima. Hundreds of thousands of people have been impacted in Japan by this.

Please help.


LEGION said...

Hurrah for my NEW YORK YANKEES! George's generous legacy has been passed down to his boys. Considering all the Japanese we've had on our team why not? Been watching a lot of the Military channels- (got 2)- the Japan today looks like the Japan in 1945. Banzai!

Anna said...

Japan looks like an angry child has splashed waves of water on the shore. Instead of sand castles being wiped out, whole towns.