Saturday, March 12, 2011

No Posting Today

Because of what is happening in Japan after the earthquake, there will be no posting today. Movie review for Battle: Los Angeles will be posted tommorow.

Pray for the people of Japan. Contribute to disaster relief efforts.


LEGION said...

No milk today, my love has gone away, the bottle stands forlorn, a symbol of the dawn..... Hermans Hermits.

Dang- I saw Battle La last night- wanted to talk to you about it again today! Again too many young folks playing with their machines during the movie- the blue lights were a pain. So were the idiots yammering in foreign languages. The Marines need to go in there NOW and get rid of the illegals, LA is already lost to me. Got the line you mentioned- about the girl getting alien goop in her mouth and the guy saying I did not know you did that on a first date! HA! Go MARINES!

Anna said...

I was in about a half full theatre. I totally tuned things out except the movie. I guess you liked it?

LEGION said...

Retreat- HELL I LOVED IT, it was a recruiting movie! Wish I was a broken down 53 y/o- I'd join up again- Marines instead of Army. It was a recruiting movie- got me stirred- that comment those 'boys' made is really a compliment! I hated them showing CNN on the times they had the news on the TV- shoulda been FOX- everyone but the filmmakers know the Armed Forces prefer FOX- the Communist News Network and MS LSD all suck large bananas. My theater was Jammed full- at 10PM on a Sat. night.

LEGION said...

Duh- that's wish I WASN'T. Then again with the Don't ask Don't tell repealed- the appeal has gone down. Then again that wouldn't be a problem in the Fighting Marines- it's those back offices where the Bradley Mannings are that you gotta watch out for- dancing and singing to Lady Gaga. Hmmmm

Anna said...

Wow 10Pm on a Saturday and jam packed, impressive. I can live with the CNN thing since it showed again the British having the better news commentary. I liked how they dealt with Cpl Kern and SSG Nance.

Poor Bradley, locked up with no Lady Gaga. Mike Spann would trade places in a heartbeat with the traitor.