Saturday, December 11, 2010

Apollo 11

The blue marble nestled in blackness, Earth, as seen from Apollo 11.

This image shows the Apollo 11 CSM has undocked from the Saturn V third stage, pivoted and is now moving into to pull Eagle out. The protective shroud around Eagle has also been jettisoned.

Eagle is now docked with the CSM. Note the wrinkles in the skin of Eagle. To save weight, Eagle's skin was as thin as aluminum foil. In the upper center is seen the LM rendevous window that would be used by Aldrin and Armstrong to re-dock with Collins aboard Columbia.

While working through some writer's block on a blog post, I decided to watch the Transformers 3 trailer which creates an alternate history Apollo 11 mission. By 00:12 of the trailer, Bay starts to deviate from reality. Or his CGI crew did not know. And no one bothered to do real research. Because they have the Apollo 11 CSM sporting an open Scientific Instrument Module[SIM], something that was not installed on a CSM until Apollo 15, the first J-series mission. At 00:32 we got a strange white object already on the lunar surface and the drop down panel with video camera that was aimed at the LM ladder to catch Neil's historic footstep is not deployed. And then it really goes into Bay's alternate fantasy land of a large crashed spaceship just beyond the LM. I am so not going to go see this movie.

More images from the various real Apollo missions can be found here.

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