Monday, December 13, 2010

About Last Friday

I was going to title this post 'Bawark Obama Yew R Usethless!' as a homage to Team America. I decided against being cute since I have spent a few hours wrestling my mind around this very serious mess.

December 10 2010 is one of those days that will go into history books, but in this case it’s an event that should have never happened. Obama’s presidency did not even end with a whimper, but with Obama acting like the White Rabbit as he ran out saying he was late for a date with his wife to attend a party.

That’s right ladies and gentlemen of the world, the President of the United States of America thought going to a Christmas party was more important than addressing the people of this great country about a subject that is on everyone’s mind. The question being will Washington D.C. finally break a logjam and prevent the middle class from seeing a $2,900 jump in their taxes next year.

Luckily before Obama ran fleeing out the door, he wearily turned the press conference over to Bill Clinton. Even without a saxophone or a teleprompter, Bill Clinton held court in the White House Press Room as if he had never left. No question was hard for him to answer off the cuff while explaining why he supports the compromise with the Republicans. He charmed everyone who was there with his Presidential mien.

Friday will probably be noted in future histories as the day the Obama administration became an abject failure and laughingstock. His lack of concern about the economic crisis this country still faces will not inspire confidence in any of his allies while affirming his opponents’ low opinion of his competence. Foreign countries are right now recalibrating the measuring sticks they use to measure American presidents to register in millimeters. He is the diminished president.


Ed Rasimus said...

The part that needs to be rerun over and over is when the Bamster announces his departure and turns it over to Clinton, the old master nicely says, "Please go!"

Anna said...

I know, Bill played Barry like a cheap fiddle. The Napoleon quote of 'Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake' applies. Bill probably knew Barry's schedule, smooth talked Barry into having the presser, sold himself as a saviour, and then let Barry commit political sepukku. Revenge was a sweet dish in the Clinton household that night.