Friday, December 17, 2010

The No Class 111th

While the lame duck session of the most horrific 111th Congress limps off to the history books, let us remember why it is such a horror. Nancy Pelosi[D-CA] standing before the cameras to tell us we need to pass health care reform to find out what is in it. Nancy Pelosi just this week screeching its unfair to hold hostage the tax cuts she has opposed just to include 6,600 families that happen to be rich according to her definition. Or Rep. Weiner[D-NY] down in the well foaming at the mouth over health care and gold. Nor can we forget the departing Rep. Grayson[D-FL] saying Republicans want everyone to die instead of ever getting sick. Or Charlie Rangel[D-NY] who just gained censure over shady deals and tax evasion. And lets not start on Harry Reid[D-NV]'s controlled Senate.

Putting aside the profane and base tendencies of the people in Congress, lets look at what they have accomplished in two years. With massive 2,000+ page bills being disgorged in the dark of night with price tags totalling in the trillions of dollars, for them to now screech over tax cuts adding to the deficit has a hollow ring to it. I would more believe Saddam Hussein as a humanitarian than the sincerity of these various Democratic politicians. Sooner this lame duck session ends, the better. Until then please enjoy the attached clip of Marisa Tomei who has a better reason to have a temper tantrum.

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