Friday, December 31, 2010

The 100 Year Rule

In keeping with Ezra Klein's argument that anything written more than 100 years ago should be ignored, I decided for the last post of this year to compile a list of important books and documents that fit Klein's arbitrary yardstick. So here goes.
  • Das Kapital - last volume in 1894AD
  • Beyond Good and Evil - 1886AD
  • Gettysburg Address - 1863AD
  • Emancipation Proclamation - 1863AD
  • The Origin of Species - 1859AD
  • An Essay on the Principle of Population - 1826AD
  • The Prince - 1532AD
  • The Magna Carta - 1215AD
From the above list it seems clear that Ezra Klein, in trying to tap-dance around the U.S. Constitution to support various Democrat attempts to ignore that document, has in fact argued for making humanity tabula rasa. Thus humanity is doomed to repeat everything again and again. I would tell Ezra Klein that he has truly crossed the Rubicon of stupidity, but he would have to Google Rubicon and Julius Ceaser if we were to apply his own rule to him.


Ed Rasimus said...

And, that fateful stream in metaphor runs deep and wide. In reality, not so much.

Anna said...

Yes in metaphor it means jumping the shark. That one has crossed a river and there is no turning back.

As for reality. Some would argue over the past four to ten years the Democrats have crossed the Rubicon, brought their army against the heartland, and are trying to subjugate everyone.

To use another bit of Roman history that has turned into metaphor, we the people are Horatio at the bridge. November was the first skirmish. Whether we fall like Masada is still in our power. I vote for never again.