Sunday, January 02, 2011

New Year, Same Terror

For those only now recovering from the New Year celebrations, terrorists have rung in the new year with their idea of fireworks. Twenty-one Coptic Christians were killed in a bomb blast in Alexandria Egypt outside a church. Seventy-one Copts and eight Muslims were injured in the vicious and cowardly attack. President Mubarak of Egypt vows to fight the 'foreign hands' behind the attack. The Copt population in Egypt is seething over the attack. Pope Benedict in Rome has condemned the attack.


Dallas Roofing HQ said...

so sad to hear such news as this ,especially this season of new year...it supposed to be a good year to all and better life,peace,unity and love.i hope this terrorist must be stop!R.I.P to those victims and may the peace be with all christians and all faiths.

Anna said...