Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Niqabs You Say

It seems the funny and irreverent blokes of the immensely popular BBC series Top Gear have found a demographic that is not amused by them. Whilst trying to follow the route of the three wisemen of the Bible, one of their cars got stuck in sand in Syria. As they tried to pull it out, James May, aka Captain Slow, got knocked off his feet by the tow rope. As the blood poured forth, they carted him off to a hospital. Here is where the story gets a bit dodgey as the other two decided to don the niqab to drive. Infidels in disquise, oh my. So after the Boxing Day airing of the episode, guess what happened.
But their choice of attire caused a storm online on Twitter and other discussion sites.
On the Yahoo! forum, someone wrote, 'Death to America', which another, called Rebecca Liberty, said mocking burkas is 'ugly'.
But a user called BussW spoke up for the show and said: 'Why are so many people offended. it's just a piece a clothing. the Burka is not in the Quaran at all. if people are so offended why dont they switch over the TV?'
Some viewers also took to Twitter to blast the burka stunt with one saying: This is probably the worst top gear special. Y the f*** r they wearing burkas!!?’
Naturally the BBC is reviewing the whole mess and has not issued an official statement. I guess the US version won't try this stunt, though they may go the whole nun habit route since that has been done so many times in mockery its passe now.

P.S. I hope Clarkson and company dumped the whole shoddy attire before they got to Israel. Bloke over six feet tall with a pot-belly in a niqab? Even the TSA would be thinking there is something wrong with this picture.

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