Thursday, November 18, 2010

Rocky Three F-22 Update

The pilot of the crashed F-22 callsign Rocky Three has been identified it seems. Capt. Jeff Haney is married to his wife Anna, they have two daughters. Haney's mother and father are presently enroute to be with Anna and the children. Still no word on Capt. Haney's status. Lets keep him in our thoughts and prayers.


Ed Rasimus said...

I'm not optimistic. This has a lot of earmarks of a G-LOC accident; a high G induced loss of consciousness. Rapid onset of high-G forces which can easily occur in a modern tactical jet can render the pilot unconscious and even when the G-force is reduced the return to function can take 30-40 seconds and the individual often has no recollection of the incident.

More ominous to me is the apparent adaptation to reduced force size here. A basic tenet of tactical fighter ops is that nothing is ever done alone. You also maintain a 2-ship element. If you get separated you leave the area immediately. If your partner is lost in combat, you leave. If your partner has a maintenance problem you leave.

Here, the one aircraft was off to the tanker to refuel while the second one continued whatever the mission was. That looks like a new mode of operation to deal with a global force that leaves you with something less than 100 total aircraft (about 4 squadrons total) for operational duties.

The report will be interesting.

Anna said...

All the information we have is jsut from press releases and such. So it's all preliminary. Its going on 48 hours for Capt. Haney and longer with no word, less optimistic I am.

I thought the two ship was returning from their mission when Rocky Three vanished, Rocky One hit the tanker, searched, and when could not find anything called in.

As time progresses more information will be released though the AIB report will be months in the making. And as you said, it should be intersting. G-LOC, spatial disorientation or something else? Lets hope we do find the answer to this and Capt. Haney.

Anonymous said...

I am in Alaska....how do we send men to the moon and not be able to keep track of a pilot and his jet?

what is the background on this young man....I trust the government for nothing...maybe he ticked off the wrong people!

It is cold and miserable up here...keep praying!

Anna said...

Dear Anonymous, since the Air Force is saying Capt. Haney is dead. It will depend upon the flight data recorders to tell us the final moments of Rocky Three. Keep his wife, two daughters, and family in your prayers. And stay warm and keep the heater on your engine block plugged in.

chief l said...

Just came across this posting......im retired now but I was the range c
ontroller (Alaska special use airspace) on duty for Rocky flight the night this happened......a coincidence but just this week I found a notebook with all my notes from the moment Rocky3 disappeared and Rocky 1 came back into the Fox 3 airspace to look for #3, till the wreckage was found the next morning......It was a long and sad night for all of us involved.