Saturday, November 20, 2010

Capt. Jeff Haney Presumed Dead

The Air Force is presuming that Capt. Jeffrey Haney, assigned to the 525th Fighter Sqn, is dead. Searchers have found parts of the ACES II ejection seat in the wreckage. There are also reports pieces of flight suit have also been recovered. No word on Haney's body though.

Lets keep Anna, the two daughters, and Haney's parents and friends in our prayers. They are going to have a very difficult holiday season.


Anonymous said...

I met you at the 12th, served in your training missions at the 19th. I'll pray for your family here on this Mortal Coil...

Christ be with you sir & I hope it's a while B4 I see you.

Anna said...

Amen. I have slipped the bounds of Earth and touched the face of God. To paraphrase a work that fits. May you have King Kong eyes and a neck on a swivel to cover your six in your flights Bong.