Saturday, November 20, 2010

"A flash of gold."

That phrase brings to mind the excited discoveries of Carter in the Valley of the Kings peering into Tutankhamun's glittering tomb. Or Heinrich Schliemann unearthing that beaten gold mask at Mycenae.

In this case the story is from England and a four year old boy name James Hyatt. James and his father Jason were testing out the boy's new metal detector and they got a strong buzz. Digging down a few inches and there was "a flash of gold." It seems they have found a small gold reliquary from the 16th Century with the Virgin Mary and the five wounds of Christ on it. If this item is listed for sale and a buyer is found, this item could be worth about $4million US. The proceeds would be split between the Hyatts and the owner of the land where the item was found.

Story and video can be found here. Good show James, may your life be always golden.


Mike's America said...

I see guys on the beach here on Hilton Head with metal detectors. I haven't heard of them finding any Spanish dabloons even though we did have pirate ships using our coast for cover.

Wouldn't it be fun to find a treasure?

Anna said...

It would really fulfill a childhood fantasy inspired by Stevenson. Hoist the Jolly Roger and find a chest full of pieces of eight.