Thursday, November 18, 2010

Bush League DoJ

This Department of Justice is rapidly becoming the AAA league star hitter who gets promoted to the Atlanta Braves and all he can do is swing futilely at any pitch thrown his way. Let us count the ways.

Eric Holder says everyone is a coward to not talk about racism. But his DoJ scuttled convictions of the New Black Panthers swinging their riot batons outside a polling place. It seems people are only cowards when they do not follow Eric Holder's personal notions of racism.

Next on the hit list of strike outs has to be the treatment of Ghailani. This mutt was scooped up as an enemy combatant when George Bush was president. He was in the military tribunal chute awaiting trial when the new administration came in. Suddenly Ghailani found himself in a different chute leading to a criminal trial as if he was a U.S. citizen. Which meant all the rules of evidence that worked for a military tribunal as approved by Congress were not admissible in a criminal trial thus harming the case. So it comes as no suprise that the jury found Ghailani guilty of just one count of conspiracy while saying he was innocent of the 224 deaths his attack caused. But guess what, the DoJ still says they are pleased with the verdict that may net Ghailani 20 years behind bars.

The biggest of the strike outs this DoJ is responsible for is the fate of KSM. Remember KSM? Another mutt snatched off the battlefield as an enemy combatant. He also helped in planning the 9/11 attacks so he is a high value target. And as a result he got special treatment that lead to many operations against Americans to being disrupted. And like Ghailani he is now supposed to be tried in a U.S. criminal court instead of a military tribunal. Except no one, like Sen. Schumer of New York, wants him tried in their area for fear the trial may attract KSM's allies in staging a violent break-out. So KSM continues to languish in his cell, awaiting a trial that may never come. And as a result showing for the whole world how the Obama/Holder DoJ is not a true guardian of the rule of law, but something little better than what is found in Russia.


Mike's America said...

Ghaliani was supposed to be the case that proved civil courts could and should try terrorism suspects. It was a case which was supposed to prove that Obama's law enforcement centered approach was just as good as Bush's military approach.

It proved the opposite and showed Holder once again to be an incompetent partisan hack.

Anna said...

Another case of reality intruding on fantasy. Unless Holder really wanted to lose the case. That would truly bode ill for this country.