Wednesday, November 17, 2010

F-22 Missing in Alaska

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Last night an F-22 Raptor from Elmendorf AFB went missing. Contact was lost by ATC and by the other plane flying the mission. Aircraft was near Cantwell, AK. Search and rescue is being conducted, but so far nothing has been found. Lets hope the pilot is found alive, though its looking grim.

H/T Sharku

Update: as of 1615 Alaska time, it seems rescue crews have found the possible crash site of Rocky Three which went missing last night at 1940 Alaska time. Still no word on the pilot's status. Crash location is northwest of Cantwell, AK where the temperature is presently 0F and the sun set almost three hours ago. It is going on 24 hours since this accident, lets hope the pilot is still alive.

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