Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Turkey of a Headache

The Obama Administration is desperately seeking any good policy news. After the mid-term drubbings in Congress and in the state races. Followed by the the scorn of the G20 meet over his fiscal policy. And the collapse of the trade agreement with South Korea that had languished neglected since almost being ratified by the Bush Administration just worsens this administration's standings.

So its not any wonder that Obama looks to the NATO summit to bring in some good news. Alas even here there is trouble brewing. Once secular and pretty reliable, the increasingly more Islamic country of Turkey is poised to throw another spanner into any plans the US has for the Middle East. This time in regards to missile defense for all of NATO. Turkey not only wants all of its territory protected from such missile threats, it wants to control the system.

Welcome to the big leagues Mr. President. Omitting any mention of the nuclear threat Iran poses is going to be the least of your problems at this NATO summit.

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