Friday, August 06, 2010

Suffer the Innocent

Hartford, Conn eight people lay murdered at a plant. Instead of saying something that would have made sense to the 911 operator like "the Devil made me do it," the killer whined the company was racist, the victims deserved what they got, and he wished he got more people. Then the scum-sucking cowardly piece of bovine solid waste name Omar Thornton killed himself as SWAT responded.

One of those he murdered was his own union representative, Bryan Cirigliano, at hearings to see if Thornton would be fired. Reason for motion of termination? It seems Thornton was stealing beer from the company and selling it to enrich himself.

There are going to be people who say the company was racist and Thornton needed to bring it up. Can I say STFU right now? Yes Thornton needed to bring it up if it was true. And its all beside the point. Thornton set about to murder people. He managed to murder eight before he stayed true to his cowardly character and blew his own brains out.

Talk about a hard decision for Lucifer Morningstar when Omar showed up. Send him to the outer ring of the Seventh Circle for murders or the center ring for suicides? Or straight to the Ninth Circle and Round 4? For this person, ice seems too good. Chiron and his centaurs filling Thornton with arrows is far more appealing. But that is vengeance speaking which would land me, the author in another circle, so I will lay off.

For the families of the eight people murdered, say prayers for them and that they find comfort and peace. These are terrible times for them.

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