Friday, August 06, 2010

By All Means Foul

This is interesting. Karl Rove on Fox News just brought it to my attention. I should be surprised but then I think about whom I am talking about and it does not surprise me. This is the guy who claimed the war in Iraq was lost before the Surge. Demanded a Senate sleep-over that played into his opponents' hand. And learned how to count up to sixty by the eighth grade.

Sen. Harry Reid [D-NV] is in a fight for his lifetime attachment to the government power teat against Republican opponent Angle. Reid has truly dipped into the bag of dirty tricks to keep his cadaverous hands on levers of power. One of his allies has registered on the Nevada ballot a Tea Party with a candidate. The hope is people will be confused on voting day and automatically select a Tea Party candidate, thereby slicing away votes for Sharon Angle and letting Harry Reid keep his desiccated rump in the Senate.

Think on that. Harry Reid can't stand on his record since Nevada is tanking faster in many respects than the rest of the country. In areas like unemployment and bankruptcy to name two. So in a desperate move, Reid is betting that people will be idiots this November. People of Nevada do not be fooled, instead send Reid packing and prove that Reid is the idiot in this little drama..

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