Friday, March 19, 2010

In Other News

Soon we will get another glimpse into the life of Anne Frank when 71 year old Berthe Meijer, who was just 7 at Bergen Belsen where Anne died just before the camp was liberated, will publish her memoirs called Life After Anne Frank. She tells of Anne being a story teller and trying to lift the spirits of other children.

In history books, "the war ends when we were liberated. No. Not for a lot of people," she says."Not for the lives of the people who survived those camps or went into hiding or had traumatic experiences because of that war. Those things, they don't go away."

Meanwhile the Royal Netherlands warship Tromp had a different experience off the coast of Africa as the world's dumbest Somali pirates thought to hijack the ship. Tromp very properly refused these ardent longings of the Somalis. Even managed to seize the two dorys and mother ship. Though there was no walking the plank as the sailors merely sank the dorys, stripped the mother ship of weapons, and gave the mother ship back to the inept pirates. What is wrong with the world? Pirates are not given a long walk off a short plank, that is what is wrong with the world.

And finally for something completely different, Lord British please pick up the red courtesy phone. Your defunct Soviet lunar rover has been found on the Moon. Towing and salvage fees are negotiable.


Mike's America said...

So the Dutch let these pirate scum go with a slap on the wrist? How stupid is that?

Basically, these pirates are free to rearm then hijack and kill again.

Don't the Dutch ever learn from history?

Anna said...

Its treating piracy on the high seas as a petty crime. Cop a plea, let the cops seize your current stash, and get released to sin again.

Mike, the Dutch do not learn in school about the free Dutch forces that kept fighting after their country surrendered in WWII to the Germans. So the chances of them learning other lessons from history are slim.

pat said...

They are scared of the Muslims.

光光 said...


Anonymous said...

should have sunk the mother fucker too. and then asked the pirates how long can you tred water and then find out.