Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Vote

Well the Senate version of the healthcare takeover bill passed in the House with 219 votes. Stupak stood up to be counted with those who voted yes.

I say to all who voted yes to enslave American citizens to the capricious whims of the federal government, may you never know a roof over your head for the rest of your lives.

For all those who have fought the good fight to stop this, all is not lost. Many states are girding their loins for a full out legal battle to stop this abomination which labels a 25 year old as a child while not going into effect until 2013. This November is our Trenton. We will roust these mercenaries, who have traded their honor and integrity for kickbacks, from their opulent offices. We will not stop until this is repealed. To borrow from Sir Churchill, this is not the end but merely the end of the beginning. We are winter citizen-soldiers who will not shy from this conflict. We will stand proud upon the battlements overlooking Washington DC as we the People re-assert our inalienable rights and force these dung-eaters to surrender.


Rides A Pale Horse said...

Though I'm usually quite optimistic, I have this awful gnawing feeling that, unlike the revered Mr. Churchill that this IS the beginning of the end.

The "DEEMoRATS are now drunk with power and will charge ahead at breakneck speed with "immigration reform", "crap and attax" with their eyes on the crown jewel, the Second Amendment.

Severe damage to this country can (and WILL) be done in the next 8 months. If todays events are any indicator "We the people" have NO power and as such are at the whim of those that do.

The Six said...

Amen Anna. I never backed down from a fight in my life and this is one we cannot afford to lose. I'm going into ass kicking mode and getting involved in republican politics at all levels. Soft conservatism got us here and cannot be tolerated.
My dander is up and I'm a mean motor scooter when I need to be.

commoncents said...

Thank You for posting this! I really like your blog!!

Common Cents

Anna said...

RAPH, I am reminded of Santa Anna and his forces asleep on the banks of the San Jacinto when a certain guy Sam Hosuton shattered their siesta. The Democrats are giddy and drunk now, so sure they have changed history. They have merely won a battle but not the war. Though yelling something like Remember the Cornhusker Kickback will not ring in the ears like Remember the Alamo.

Exactly the Six; when there are people who are power-mad, reaching across the aisle gains you nothing except a missing hand. This must not stand.

Commoncents, we rally now and stand together or surely the chains we wear in the future will be more onerous.