Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Holder - Best & Brightest?

Attorney General Eric Holder keeps lowering my opinion of him with every utterance from his mouth. For example yesterday's testimony before the House Judiciary Committee.

Comparing Osama bin Laden to Charles Manson. If I was Charles Manson, I would be filing suit in federal court against Holder for defamation.

On the question of will we ever capture Osama bin Laden alive. Holder told the distinguished members that Osama bin Laden would be killed by his own people if capture was imminent. Or that Osama bin Laden would be killed by US/Allied forces. Talk about a maroon, we pulled Saddam Hussein out a hold in the ground, ala rabbit in the hat, alive and got several hundred others cooling their heels at Gitmo. So I fail to understand how Holder can say bin Laden wound die if we tried to capture him. Unless the Obama administration uses a JDAM off a Predator to make bin Laden shake off his mortal coil. Then Holder would be right.

But worse of all, Holder is still clinging to the delusion we can send some Gitmo attendees to US criminal courts while others are packed off to a military tribunal. If the perp still has US citizenship, I can see the chance of tossing the perp into the criminal courts. But if Ali bint Bedliner is scarfed up on the battlefield without Geneva ID or recognized uniform, then Ali is an enemy combatant and needs to be handled by a military tribunal. There is no case-by-case as Holder implies. They are either goats or pit-bulls.


Rides A Pale Horse said...

"If Ali bint Bedliner is scarfed up on the battlefield without Geneva ID or recognized uniform, then Ali is an enemy combatant and needs to be........"

Shot where he stands. (fixed that for ya)

Problem solved. Taxpayer funds saved.


AndyJ said...

Come on Anna, have you seen ANYONE in this administration who has even the slightest amount of intelligence or even knows what he/she is doing (Other than destroying this country)? It looks like Obambi's handlers sought out the dumbest and most corrupt to "serve" the anointed one. And I say handlers, because I don't think that Obama is smart enough to do the job himself.

Anna said...

RAPH, lol. Oh yeah it fixes much though it has a real negative impact on getting intel on the other dopes.

AndyJ, we know Obama is not smart enough when he thinks the US Constitution is a bad thing since it limits what the government can do to citizens. Then there is Biden, 'God rest your mother's soul.' Irish PM 'Uhh she is still alive.' Water is smarter.

pat said...

Holder is eerily ignorant. Not only about The Constitution, but about everything.

Mike's America said...

Holder would have defended Charles Manson if given the chance.

It's the U.S.A. he wants to see on trial.

Anna said...

Pat not sure on the ignorant part. I think he disdains our system of government so seeks to harm it.

Mike, that is a key distinction between Manson and bin Laden, Manson at least is a US citizen and is entitled to the protections Holder is trying to graft to bin Laden and company.