Friday, January 22, 2010

This is Ergonomic?

This is so wrong its almost funny. This is supposed to be one of those ergonomic mousepads that supports your wrist while you click and slide. Twin hemispheres of silicone without Pam Anderson attached. And the image of Kuu they have in the background, she seems like a tipsy girl ready to be rolled. And the seller's mottos attached - We know what you need! and free RAM - just add to the wrongness. I would grade this as a fail.


Birkenstock Cowboy said...

Who wouldn't want to rest their wrist between two soft mounds of silicon?

Anna said...

BC, you are so wrong!! I bet you going to buy one now. What will L think huh?? :)

The Six said...

BC is sooo right. I have to have one. I need one.
Maybe my wife won't know what it is.

Rose said...


Anna said...

Oh Six you naughty boy you!! ;)

And yes Rose ROFL.