Friday, January 22, 2010

Three Years Ten Months

On January 24, 41 Ano Domini, a critical event in the history of Imperial Rome occurred. The boy god-Emperor Gaius Caeser Augustus Germanicus died on this day. He was killed by his own Praetorian Guard as he walked through a corridor in his palace. Some thirty wounds were inflicted. And soon his wife and daughter Drusilla were also killed. The next emperor would be Cladius.

The length of his reign would be a mere three years and ten months. He would arrive as the boy wonder beloved by all of Rome in 37 AD and by the end of his reign in 41 AD he would be feared from all quarters. We commonly know this emperor as Caligula.


Rides A Pale Horse said...

One major difference however, Caligula didn't travel the world apologizing for The Empire.

Anna said...

Now RAPH, I did not make any connections. Just pointing out the anniversary of the demise of a truly bonkers Roman Emperor. Besides little Caligula's father was a respected general. While Caligula was used as something of a political football being passed around to like his grandmother.