Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A New Game in DC

Well it looks I was right about the Mighty Barry going to bat.

He strode into Fenway looking proud.
Swung his trusty rhetoric bat a few times.
Being satisfied with its heft, waved to the crowd.
Next he stepped to the plate pausing for the distant chimes.

Then he proceeded to swing and strike out.
Coakley and other fans where aghast and silent.
For last night, the voters gave him a rout.
Today Obama's fans are found on couches as clients.

But elsewhere the sun shines as a new day dawns.


pat said...

New spin. Not radical enough. Lib code talk = we need to suspend Constitution. frankly, i wonder if they are even sane. Pelosi and Reid sound deranged. The blinks and weird smile have become strange. Gibbs seems to be retarded. Rahm Emanuel clearly thinks he is far tougher than he seems to me. I could take him out in a heart beat. Axelrod is dense, but thuggish. Etc.

Anna said...

They can keep on spinning like tops, but the sun still rises in the east.

Reid and Pelosi were never known for true wisdom, both are party hacks who know how to pull levers.
Gibbs has never been bright or articulate, so he is strange as the face that meets the press. Unless Obama, in all his narcissim, never thought the press would question his administration. Rahm is very strange and probably gives the Secret Service fits because they know he has very little control and gets violent, but he is the President's closest advisor outside of Michelle and Axelrod.

We have a confederacy of dunces it seems, they think they are so much smarter than the rest of us but now have had reality shoved into their faces. And they are rattled but don't know what to do except try to keep doing the same thing.