Monday, January 18, 2010

Hottie McAwesome

We are one day out from an election that if it goes one way will be like a thunderbolt from Zeus striking at and altering the things it hits. And it seems it will hit in Massachusetts where President Obama and Martha Coakley do not seem to understand many things.

Sunday, President Obama went to Massachusetts to rally the faithful for Martha Coakley. Martha’s opponent in this Senatorial race is Scott Brown. Over the past months Scott has driven his own truck all over the Commonwealth to meet with people and to learn their opinions. Well Sunday Obama told the crowd what he thought of Scott’s determination and diligence. “Forget the truck. Everyone can buy a truck.” Thank you Mr. President for your pronouncement that trucks are plebian, that they are beneath the notice of anyone as exalted as you and Martha.

Another thing Obama and Coakley do not seem to get is, America loves the underdog. Be they the Red Sox suffering for over eighty years before breaking the curse in 2004 to voting for the outsider. This year Coakley showed how out of touch she is by thinking Curt Schilling of the bloody sock is a Yankees fan. And she did this on a live radio broadcast. Obama on Sunday compounded the problem Sunday by not addressing how the incumbent and professional politician Martha Coakley could help the people of Massachusetts. Instead he acted like Coakley, acted like they were the outsiders attacking the incumbent. Martha, you are the establishment.

Coakley thinks Brown is going to deny women their Roe v. Wade rights. Scott Brown wants the parents involved when their 13 year-old daughter is pregnant and seeking an abortion. Martha Coakley seems to think this is a bad idea. I have to ask Martha Coakley if she opposes school nurses calling parents to ask for medical information and consent before giving that same 13 year-old girl some aspirin? Having the parents involved makes sense since a child may not remember all the details the nurse needs to properly treat that child. An abortion is an invasive medial procedure that can result in sterility or death. But Martha Coakley opposes letting parents know.

Scott Brown is also against late term abortions. With two daughters I have to imagine Scott being there with his wife as the doctor took the sonograms. Listened to his daughters’ heartbeats while still in the womb and even saw when his wife grimaced as her internal organs got used as punching bags. Or placed his hand on her womb and felt his children moved. Martha Coakley has nothing against late term abortions.

And what is even more ironic about Coakley’s attacks on Scott Brown over this is, Scott Brown does support Roe v. Wade. Just not as broad an interpretation as the likes of President Obama or Martha Coakley think is right. So much for being liberal and for a big welcoming tent are the Democrats that follow President Obama.

Scott Brown gets it when it comes to dealing with terrorists. Some would say anyone who spent thirty years in the National Guard should be able to get it. But that is not always the case. Sunday Scott Brown let fly with a scathing indictment of not only Martha Coakley, but of President Obama’s strategy in dealing with terrorists. “In dealing with terrorists, our tax dollars should pay for weapons to stop them, not lawyers to defend them.”

He also gets it when he looks at what passes for health care reform in Washington D.C. He sees jobs being lost and quality of care decreasing as friends of Obama and his cronies get sweetheart deals. He promises to vote no and start afresh. Martha Coakley has stated she will vote for what ever health care package is presented to her by Harry Reid.

Though we should give thanks for whomever the genius is who thought bringing attention to Scott Brown’s 1982 Cosmo centerfold would ruin or damage Scott’s campaign and stop his meteoric rise to where he now stands a chance of winning this US Senate seat. After seeing those pictures, there are many across the nation going “Twilight? Who cares about Twilight!”

Scott Brown is a totally awesome total package. Go Scott! And everyone in the Commonwealth who cares about their state and country, go out and vote tommorow.


Rose said...

he is a phenomenon! And the momentum seems to be on his side.

It IS the people's seat - NOT the Kennedy's seat. And not the Democrat's seat.

I'm on the edge of my seat!

Rose said...


Dee said...

Hottie McAwesome, I totally love it!!!!!!!!!! Homerun Anna ;-)))!! Sooooo excited tonight that he won. Woot, woot!!

Anna said...

Rose, it was an awesome race. And the nice guy won!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dee, found that description over on HillBuzz and just loved it. It was great last night. Yippee