Friday, September 04, 2009

To What Purpose?

Marine Lance Cpl Joshua Bernard, KIA Helmand province Afghanistan. 14 Aug, 2009.

The Associated Press is a pack of slobbering jackals who will do anything to shock and disgust people.

When a grieving father asks that photos of his son's last moments on this Earth not be published by your organization, what should you do?

When the Secretary of Defense pleads with you personally not to publish these photos for the emotional harm they will do to a suffering family, what should you do?

If you are the Associated Press, you wait until the brave man is buried and then publish the photos.

On second thought, I apologize to the jackals for insulting them. The Associated Press is scum that should be scraped from the boots of a Marine who died in Helmand province, Afghanistan.


Rose said...

So very sorry to hear. Unimaginable.

Anna said...


Mike's America said...

It's further proof that our "mainstream" institutions like "news" gatherers have corrupted the value of life and the dignity we all should expect.

I feel sorry for the family which has to confront the painful images of their son in his last moments when they could not be there to comfort himl.

pat said...

Anything to tarnish the military and the nation.

Anna said...

The Associated Press put shock before decency Mike and Pat. They are not a news organisation but a propaganda tool for the defeat of American ideals. May they all find lodgings in the 9th circle of Hell.