Friday, September 04, 2009

Alternative Energy

If we could harness the spin being generated by Obama supporters as electricity, why the US dependence on foreign oil would drop tremendously.

As the official unemployment rate streaks past 9.7%, what do we hear? Why more hosannas about discouraged workers returning to look for work which means the recession is over. There are more holes in that logic than when Rosie Odonnel claimed steel does not melt from fire. I could pick on the Vice President saying the stimulus bill is working, but that is akin to shooting fish in a barrel.

Now about that health care debacle, about fell out of my chair when watching O'Reilly last night. They had this Democrat strategist on. As she was being asked about the President's plummeting poll numbers, this woman started talking of something else. She proceeded to say that President Obama's health care reform is a success because of all the people this has brought to the debate table. I think someone has a prime piece of real estate on the river DeNile here.

Should I even mention the federal mismanagement of the Cash for Clunkers program? Car dealerships are still awaiting payments from the government. Or that the United States Postal Service is now rationing the stamps their clerks have ready for the paying customers?

With this kind of track record coming from an administration that paints itself as bright and smart, well I think we got sold a bill of goods. Welcome to Jimmy Carter Pt II and like many sequels its a far inferior product than the original.


Anonymous said...

Obamaland is kookville alright. My main concern is that every day there is a new outrage. Will our side be able to stay sane with this daily assault on common sense?

We have less than 3.5 years to go, but that's a long time. How to manage our angst and channel it towards defeating and containing the virus that is Obama is the challenge.

(P.S. Google not letting me log on as Mike's America, hence the anonymous comment name)

Anna said...

Mike, I think the majority of people will keep their cool. Just the fringes we got to worry about creating a flashpoint. Unfortunately, it has been by far the Democrats who have fanned the flames of hatred for the past eight years to where its a mental affliction of their far left fringe. Remember that progressive blogger who's entire existence centered around her hatred of Bush? Those people are not too tightly wrapped and with the President himself telling them to push back, there will be an explosion and much blood. So be ready for trouble by being ready to defend. Make the democrats and their supporters suffer the whirlwind they begot.

And please oh G_d do not let this come pass. May cooler heads prevail on all sides. Or the bright shinning light on the hill that represents Camelot will be extinguished and we will all suffer the wrath of Mordred and Morgana.