Saturday, September 05, 2009

Tripoli Trifecta

How else to describe the latest developments over the controversial release of convincted terrorist al-Megrahi by the United Kingdom.

It turns out that not only were oil deals part of the scum for oil trade, but it seems another suspect in the Lockerbie bombing, now acting as Libya's Foreign Minister, dictated terms to the government of Gordon Brown. As for the doctors who provided the diagnosis that al-Megrahi was going to die soon, one was Libyan and all were encouraged to find he had three months to live. Two of the doctors said it was possible while the third said he could keel over soon.

It truly is a trifecta. Ghaddifi gets his terrorist back. Ghaddifi humilates Gordon Brown's government which is now revealed to have no moral compass. And Ghaddifi gets to thumb his nose at the world by denying the survivors of Lockerbie any sense of justice. Neville Chamberlain is starting to look good in comparison.

Hat-tip: Powerline.

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