Saturday, August 22, 2009

Sorry I Voted For Obama Web-Site

For those who have woken up from the Obama high to realize how trashed he is making things, a web-site to help you recover and build a better future with other American citizens.


Rose said...

Sure are some interesting comments there.

Anna said...

Yep, interesting reading. Voters' regret.

RAPH said...

I was over there yesterday and some of the comments made me want to throw up.

"Oh.....I'm SO sorry I voted for him." "If only I had known".


To all those phony morons that voted for this fraud and now want to be exonerated for their stupidity:

The fraud TOLD you what he was going to do many times during his campaign but all you heard was "Hope and Change".

Easy to apologize after the fact. Not so easy to make an adult decision based on the information at hand. You made your decision and now we ALL have to live with it. Thanks a lot. You can all take a long walk off a short pier 'till your hat floats as far as I'm concerned.

"I'm sorry?"......

Pound sand. The damage is already done.

Rose said...

Most of them voted against Bush and NOT FOR Obama.

They had their orgasm, got rid of Bush,a nd now they want to sleep - and Obama thinks he has them as troops to do his bidding - think again.

Anna said...

If well roll over at this moment RAPH, then Obama gets to vandalise the greatest country. Yeah those who voted for the One screwed up, now lets reach out to them and help them redeem themselves. Lets be Americans and stop the headlong and rapacious grab for power. Being President is above this community organiser's pay-grade. Just as Pelosi, Reid, and others have proven unworthy of the public offices they hold.

Lets hammer them into political oblivion. And I betcha some of the strongest opponents will rise from the ranks of the chargrined who did vote for these losers.