Saturday, August 22, 2009

Historic Parallel?

During the War of 1812 the Redcoats of England marched upon Washington D.C. forcing President Madison and others to flee. The British proceeded to take over the building at 1600 Penn. Ave. Then when they left the city, they torched the building. Leaving it a smoking ruin that would be painted white to cover the damage.

Now it seems we have modern Redcoats in Washington. As the CBO announces a deficit of over $9 trillion that will loot the fiscal health of this great nation, the ringleaders of this fiasco beat a hasty retreat. Where do they flee? Why to the progressives version of Versailles called Martha's Vineyard so the carpet-baggers can try to cloak their looting in JFK-esque drapery.

All they are showing is their contempt of the average American citizen with an attitude far more injurious than Marie Antoinette suggesting the French populace eat cake. At least cake is food that will nourish the body, deficit is nothing but empty calories that seem to fill while starving the body.


Doc Washboard said...

What would you suggest the Obamas do instead?

Anna said...

Lets see jaunt back to Chicago, a nightcap in New York City, and now this vacation. How about stop using the VC-25s for at least six months for personal get-aways.

Talk about a huge carbon footprint and waste of taxpayer dollars. At least Jimmy Carter walked to his own inaguration.

Doc Washboard said...

At least Jimmy Carter walked to his own inaguration.

And was roundly ridiculed for it.

Are you upset because he's not endlessly clearing brush like the last guy?

Anna said...

At this point I would take Jimmy Carter over this blunderbuss.

pat said...

This ass has been pampered his entire life and believes he was raised by wolves and killed a bear at three. He is fucking delusional. His over estimation of his intelligence is particularly striking.

Anna said...

LOL Pat, just tell me how you feel about this half-haole President. Or did I diminish the value of that word with this association? :)

Anonymous said...