Sunday, August 23, 2009

Compassion for the Devil

If there had not been a schedule delay that Christmas season, Pan American Flight 102 would have vanished somewhere off the Irish coast and into the depths of the Atlantic Ocean. And the whole world might have never known terrorists had killed 270 human beings until the terrorist press release claimed responsibility.

But because that Boeing 747 exploded over the sleepy Scottish town of Lockerbie, the world did learn it was a terrorist attack. And investigators had all the physical clues they needed to run down the fact the bomb was disguised as luggage loaded in the front hold and had originated with a passenger who was a no show. During a time when Christians were celebrating the birth of the Saviour who would deliver them from death; an agent of Shaitan delivered death to 270 people, shattering whole families and whole worlds.

Due to brilliant detective work and astute intelligence operations, the culprits of this horrifying attack were identified. They were agents of the oil rich terror supporting nation of Libya. It took strong actions by the West to get Libya to surrender the suspects for trial. With due process the likes of al-Megrahy were sentenced to imprisonment in 2001. With further inducements implemented by the leadership of President George W. Bush, ie Operation Iraqi Freedom, Col. Qaddafi came clean least he find himself swinging from the gallows just like Saddam. So the world found out about Libya's secret nuclear weapons program via the Khan network and Col. Qaddafi was soon elevated back to being that comic opera dictator with the all female bodyguard detachment.

Now I have to wonder who is laughing last. Its not Prime Minister Gordon Brown nor President Obama, of that I am reasonably certain as they both wipe the lumpy porridge of public horror off their faces. The last laugh has to go to Col. Qaddafi who played to one of the liberal West's cultural weaknesses, the sob story. With reports al-Maghery was about to keel over due to prostate cancer as he languished in a posh, by Libyan prison standards, jail cell, Libya meet with the United Kingdom to see about the release of al-Maghery on compassionate grounds. So with mush between the ears passing for cognitive thinking at the Home Office and no strong protest from the Obama administration, al-Maghery was packed aboard a commercial airliner - oh the irony if somehow that plane had gone down - and ferried back to Libya. And once in Libya, the now smartly dressed al-Maghery was treated as a returning hero by none other than Qaddafi's own son with throngs of people to witness the triumphant return.

I sincerely hope this is a teachable moment for the British and American administrations and they learn from it. The pessimist in me is going, no they won't learn anything from being played a fool until someone rubs their noses in the blood and carnage of another terrorist attack. As Machiavelli said those centuries ago, it is better to be feared than liked. And say what you will of Reagan and George W. Bush, both were feared by terrorists and their supporters because both presidents would come after those jackals to protect American lives and interests.

Compassion for the devil just gets you a better ticket on the trip to hell.


Ed Rasimus said...

It is difficult to imagine what the Scottish government was thinking on this. The prison officials, the warden, the medical staff, and assuredly the Scottish executive branch. The side-stepping by the Brown administration is equally difficult to comprehend--claiming that Scotland is autonomous in something like this defies belief.

Dump the overlay of failure of the US State Dept and President to exert any effective influence and then the shift from compliant, repentent terrorist to leering, smiling Jihadi of Libya's Kaddafi and you get a pathetic picture indeed.

I should think there was a missed opportunity for some medical research into radical surgery on this inoperable cancer, followed by some above average radiation dosages just to see if something could be learned. Some suffering on the miscreant's part would have been preferable to offering compassionate release.

But, I'm incurably hard-core.

Anna said...

Maybe we could have gotten Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel to consult with NICE in the UK to determine proper end of life counseling while at it.

Or perhaps recreate the Hanoi Hilton health experience.

This whole event was a major cock-up and political heads need to roll. But I fear it will be civilian heads rolling or exploding after this.

Rose said...

The question is - What did the President know and when did he know it?

Anna said...

Before or after his morning press waffle?

Anonymous said...

From iam7545

The question is this - How did we get stuck with a bedwetting, girlie man President that did nothing to prevent this?

I wonder how Zero will turn this one into another apology to further kiss the asses of the jihadists?

Anna said...

Iam, its a bloody given he will twist things to make the UK and US seem wrong.

Anonymous said...

From iam7545 =

The apology will look like this -

"President Obama and Gordon Brown issued a joint apology today stating that the reason that Al Maghery was released was because of the poor healthcare provided in the prison for him. Urging all voters to support the expansion of better healthcare to all prisoners the statement explained - "Had we cured his cancer he would still be in prison."

Pat said...

It is increasingly apparent that this was in the works for a least 6 weeks and may have involved commercial interests. In other words, the Libyans paid for the release. Likely with the money the Bulgarians paid Libya to stop openly raping, torturing, and sexually humiliating the Bulgarian nurses.

Anna said...

Iam, he can try it. But at this point, it probably will not fly.

Pat, for the Bulgarian nurses? Oh geez, a broader pattern emerges then. If we tie in the Ibril 5 as a carrot to the crazy Iranians who just appointed as Def Min a synagogue bomber. Appeasement they name is Obama and Gordo Brown.

pat said...

The actual plight of the Bulgarian nurses were conveniently kept under wraps by Washington and the UN. But it was reported in testimony before the Bulgarian authorities. To give you a taste, the youngest was forced to masturbate herself with a coke bottle in front of an audience. In the cell with her were the other male and female prisoners' stripped naked. They were also made to watch. The girl had her nipples and vagina wired to a generator. So if she did not comply she would be tortured as she had been for weeks. This is considered great fun for Islamic Libyans.
Source: Palestinian Doctor to Bulgarian legislators. BBC. International only.

Anna said...

Ugghh. More reason to think the West got played for suckers. Yet another tyrannical goernment using torture of human beings. Am speechless.