Monday, August 24, 2009

CIA Witch Hunts

It seems the Grand Inquisitor Eric Holder is going to get to the bottom of all those CIA interrogations in all their vile glory. Even while President Obama says he does not want to prosecute the rank and file at the CIA. It seems like Obama would have final say on this matter, but it looks like he is failing in being a leader as Holder acts like a loose cannon.

Meanwhile the Office of the Grand Inquisition has refused to investigate additional information about the crimes of a then 15 year old Afghani boy who participated in a grenade attack on American soldiers. So Jawad has been turned over to Afghan authorities and released to his family. This same office has thrown out a conviction that had already been rendered against the New Black Panther Party and is busy trying to import the remaining terrorists at Gitmo to American soil.

There is something extremely wrong in the Department of Justice. It is rapidly becoming the Ministry of the People's Justice it seems. Something has to be done to reign in this out of control Attorney General before grave harm is done to the nation, national security, and the Constitution.


pat said...

But using billie clubs to scare away white voters in Philadelphia or having a White House "Green Jobs Czar" orchestrate a commercial boycott of a TV political commentator is so yesterday.

Anna said...

Its getting worrisome. Rouge elements and cowboys are adjectives that spring to mind. Everything the progressive leftists screamed that the Bush administration was doing, they in fact are doing. America needs to wake up faster.

Or course just think if Obama had not become president and McCain had. Meanwhile the economy continued to tank. How desperate would people have been to elect a messiah in 2012 then? So thinking long, we just might be escaping a worse fate. I hope we do escape mostly unscathed.