Saturday, August 15, 2009

Couple Good Links And Commentary

First from Gateway Pundit on how private citizen Sarah Palin is keeping the pressure on the Democrats about their various health care plans. As some of the people in the comments mention, we can not take our eye off the ball until this massive power grab is defeated in toto.

And Neptunus Lex talks about something just as important. What is the true relationship between a government for the people by the people with the people. And what the elitists and politicians now view said relationship - a paternalistic father knows best with them as the father.

ProwlerAMDO and RonF in the comments on 'Healthy Relationship' bring up something that also needs to be addressed. Remember when candidate Obama said he thought the US Constitution had too many negative rights since it limited what the government could do. That should have been an even bigger alarm for many people to not vote for this guy. We have allowed this guy named Barrack Hussein Obama and his fellow-travelers to redefine the debate. A true Jeffersonian Democrat would run quickly away from Obama because of his misuse of the words positive and negative in regards to the Constitution. How can a right that keeps a central government out of your bedroom and pocketbook be termed negative? It can only happen if the person who uses this word in this way is a statist. It is time to redefine this debate and force Obama and his supporters to defend why they think an intrusive government is a positive thing.

Shall we keep the skeer up during these Tea Parties and town hall meets? Lets roll.


Mike's America said...

Thanks for the link to the Gateway Pundit story. I had another link from Opinion Journal along the same lines and am getting ready to post something about this.

What really galls me about this is that Obama and the Dems claimed Sarah Palin was spreading misinformation and scare tactics when what she said was THE TRUTH!

The more I read about Zeke Emanuel, the more I am convinced I got it right when I called him Obama's Dr. Mengele.

Anna said...

Mike, you are welcome. Glad to help.

Statists like Dr. Emanuel view humans as cogs in the great machine. There really is nothing new in this view versus the European concept of serfdom, save instead of Divine Right we have psuedo-scientific clap-trap of the better educated leading the people.

End of life counseling when there is money behind the effort leads to conflict of interest for the doctor. President Obama decries doctors making money off amputations, but here he is pushing doctors to take money to talk to people about ending their life.